Mangalya SanDosham & Amman 09-06-2021 Colors Tamil Serial

Mangalya SanDosham & Amman 09-06-2021 Colors Tamil Serial | Mangalya SanDosham & Amman 09/06/2021 Colors Tamil Tv Serial Online | Amman Colors Tamil 09/06/21 Episode Online | Mangalya SanDosham 9th June 2021 | Watch Amman Colors Tamil Tv Serial Online at Tamildhool


  1. charles vancen

    Too boring not interesting anymore

  2. Iniya iru malargal

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t know why eshwar agreed for vasugi’s deal…seriously will he let sakthi go with her? Director pls don’t disappoint…now only they relationship getting stronger.

  4. Anonymous

    Bro 3 comment is true don’t let sakti go with vasugi and i also confused why eshwar deal like to vasugi i think eshwar didn’t do purposely i think eshwar do some good things for sakti maybe naagakal

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you.Eshwar shouldn’t do like this and I’m afraid he won’t tell sakthi about the deal…i hope next episode shouldn’t happen any separation between them

  5. Amman, the drama has the blessing of Lord Amman , to captivate our mind and soul.i. The drama is full of suspense and unique ro our imigination. Yet it is so real and captivating. Some of the scenes where Amman appeaars in different persons gives realism to their rol3s. Their beauty and gracefullness beholds our eyes as sseing the real goddess appearing in before us. This gives strength and devotion to our prayers The actors are doiing exemplied job in bringing out the real chracters they potra It keeps the audience spellbound awaiting the next scene with their magnificient acting skill. My praise to the production team for bring out supergrade drama. yg.

  6. Anonymous

    Bro eshwar shouldn’t not let sakti go with vasugi maybe sakti will find the real amman devotion

  7. Anonymous

    Please reply bro please

  8. Anonymous

    The Amman is powerful all the people claim , but Muthuanna can hide the Amman , sounds silly

  9. Eshwer and Sakthi are getting ready for next task. Thats why he agree with Vasuki. How long they going to trap in the Resort. So next twist is coming on the way and somemore they must end this mahasangam then only Amman”s Villan mantra dan sanggulingam can join the plot. this just my thought. may be yes …maybe not. And Vasuki is a massenger from Amman the only part is not logic Sakthi do not listen her.

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