Chithi 2 22-04-2021 Sun Tv Serial

Chithi 2 22-04-2021 | Chithi 22/04/2021 Sun Tv Serial Online | Watch Chithi 2 Latest Episode on 22nd April 2021 updated at Tamildhool



  1. V

  2. M. N hamdha

    Any bts army here

  3. Any bts army here

  4. Adra Sakka! Today episode was mind blowing. KV romance scenes after a full week. We don’t want NY scenes. I skipped those. N is a good guy but Yazhini is a monster so please don’t pair him with her. Kavin carrying Venba to bedroom was beautiful. Ven mind voice “ You said that you weren’t going to touch me but now you are carrying me and this is what I want”. N talking to his father on phone was nice. I think tommorow there might be more KV scenes and let us hope for the best. Yazhini your plan will totally drop!

    • Yes… NY venaam

    • Cho chad ennala ipdi kadharura apo kavin venba karumam pudicha romance mattum nalla ikidha oru veala andha type pa nee chaik karumam karumam lovendale romance mattum thana arivu ketta jenmengela love is life . Love is not lust . Kavin venba fans lustlaye paakuradhu pola chithi2va1

  5. kavin was a very decent man, that’s confirmed even if he’s a coward, a female is throwing herself like this for yeas and he had all the opportunity to use and throw that female all this while but he was loyal to his wife/love

    miss you don’t love him completely, you’re just attracted to his physical appearance if not by now you you’ve realised that’s navin not kavin. just 1 word, 8 years old love not going to fool anyone, it called desperate lust

  6. kv scenes pathalai vandi varudu tchi tchi
    navin is better than kavin pani

  7. Kavin venba seen venam chaik bt yalini navin seens awesome 🤩🤩🤩

  8. Paawam kavin venba fans 😂😂😂 yalini navin seens paathale stomach burn aahudhu pola adhu than kadharittu irukanga navin yalini seen venamdu . Continue navin yalini seens. Kavin venba seenku time a reduce pannunga .

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