Kannana Kanne 04-05-2021 Sun Tv Serial

Kannana Kanne 04-05-2021 | Kannana Kanne 04/05/2021 Sun Tv Serial Online | Watch Kannana Kanne Latest Episode on 04th May 2021 updated at Tamildhool.



  1. Meera character is waste

  2. From now say goodbye to this serial too..Meera use less fellow..meera romance with yuva now ask marry pretty…how they write story so cheap like tht

  3. Anonymous

    Yuva…leave her and move on..She is not worth for your care …
    Why always these stories are going like this..Always negatives only

  4. Anonymous

    True Meera is waste,yuva is waste,whole serial is waste.STOP THIS SERIAL .THANKYOU.I.

  5. Anonymous


  6. என்னடா யுவா….பொட்டைப்பயலா நீ…. கல்யாணப் பரிசு காலத்துக் காதலாடா பண்றே….. போடி நாயே நீயும் வேணாம்….உன் வாழ்வும் வேணாம்…..நீ உங்ஙொப்பனையே ஊம்பிகிட்டு கெட….. ன்னு சொல்லிவிட்டு வெளியே வாடா…..

  7. helda jo

    Stupid woman Meera. Now adays who is so stupid like her. Her father doesnt like her and the stupid women crazy of her father. Very ridiculous. It is a failure drama. Dont like to watch this type of nagative drama you director

  8. Anonymous

    Why this serial in prime time. Boring story stupid father not worth watching further

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