Pandavar Illam 04-05-2021 Sun Tv Serial

Paandavar Illam 04-05-2021 | Pandavar Illam 04/05/2021 Sun Tv Serial Online | Watch Pandavar Illam Latest Episode on 04th May 2021 updated at Tamildhool



  1. Itukku melle inthe serial pakave maten

  2. Anonymous

    Dislike the promos whatever comes here after

  3. Anonymous

    I really hope this is a dream .

  4. vj sangar

    Hope an end to this stupid drama

  5. Very worst serial

  6. Anonymous

    Stupid serial


  8. Very bad series 😕

  9. Anonymous

    Bad climax

  10. Too much stupidity… Bloody director

  11. 2 perukku bathila vedanayagiya katti vachidungada , 15 varusathu pagai clear aaidum,
    jamin ammata sonna pandava illamum kaila vanthudum

  12. Stupid serial who is the director very very bad we hate this this is tha last episode I see this serial

  13. Very worst decision, papam Maheswari.
    Why do they 3 girls bought her home and ended worst.
    Before this was the best serial but now worst serial. Hope this is a dream

  14. Anonymous

    Stupid stupid stupid director
    Mehesh pavam
    Stupid serial

  15. Anonymous

    Stupid director mahesh pavam stupid serial.i don’t want see serial.

  16. Anonymous

    Very worst climax thzn what about Maheswari. What about Maheshwari life. Stay in family for 6 month she love so much the man. What is next in her life. Spoiling the indian cluture. Just say bye bye to the whole family and just walk away with her parents Very very bad climax. I think they would have killed the man. Stupid டைரக்டர். 3 girls bought her home and ended worst.

  17. Anonymous

    Please make thi marreg like dream nalla sundaram let married mahesh

  18. Anonymous

    today ended

  19. Anonymous


  20. Shiny Halni

    Super turning point. I expect this one. Without any negative characters inside Pandavar illam they can’t lead the serial as mega serial.

    Nalla’s life will go smoothly with Manimegalai until she recover. After that every day new twist and turns…

    Again all marumagal will try to change Roshini (bold shooter) to adapt her new life like they did before for Revathi.

    In between Vedanayagi will try to use Roshini…

    I’m eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes.

  21. MAHESWARI IS GREAT! Thank goodness someone has the sense to stop this wedding going ahead- she knew Nallan would never be happy with her and let him choose- which is true love and more than his own family has done for him. This is the first time in a long time that I really admire this character. I hope they give her a good happy ending also.

  22. Like hell the ending.stupid serial.

  23. SEMMMA ending i love it

  24. Anonymous

    Really stupid serial..what will happen if Manimegalai know real character Roshini??

  25. Anonymous

    Worst serial

  26. Lakshmi Shree Manickam

    Worst serial.. Like Vedanayagi, now Maheswari.. Mokka ending.. Won’t watch this serial anymore if its not a dream..

  27. Anonymous

    Maheshwari you are so great and I love you and your love which you made to nallasundaram. Nalla sundaram will pay for this cause made for you.He won’t be happy in his life. But you will be having a beautiful life ahead

  28. Mahesh really pity…y the director bring the stupid roshini and spoiled the serial after this i sure wont watch this serial….and also giving zero rating for director

  29. anonymous

    This problem all started by the 3 useless daughters in laws Kayal, Malika and Revathi bringing Magesh into Pandavar Illam and feeding her with false hopes after false hopes when Nalla he didn’t iwant to marry at all. Good thing Magesh finally got sense to realise that Nalla is not in love with her instead he is in love with Manimegalai. Pity Manimegalai is sitting on the manamedhaey while Magesh pleading for Nalla to tie the thali to Manimegalai and pleading with everyone to tell Nalla to marry Manimegalai. Finally, Magesh parents concedes and tells Nalla to go ahead and marry his true love Manimegalai Nice that Mandramoorthy played his card well to convince and flush out the truth from Nalla of his true love.. Everyone now knows Nalla was planning to sacrifice his love for his brothers and Pandavar Illam and Magesh realising it’s a lost battle if she still insisting to marry him as it will be a unhappy married life for her and him. Henc no point calling Mahesh the great, Mahesh the saint for letting go Nalla to Manimegalai, as she already knows it is a dead loss case cannot be revived.
    Vedhanayagi will now stir the pot by instigating Sethu to demand Pandavar Illam properties nand wealth as a penalty for not marrying Magesh. Probably will backfire.

  30. Nalla marrying Roshni is the best option to move the story forward.

  31. Nalla Sundaram oru nolla Sundaram. Matra 3 marumagalgalum oru ponnu manasa kedhuta para devasaigal. Unga serial pakarade muttalranam dan

  32. This serial really stupid. Idiot storey.
    I hate this nalla sundram.. No more watch this serial. Bull shit

  33. It’s amazing how much people are o with forced marriage if it happens to a man! Magesh did the right thing – and her life won’t be spoilt this is not the 18th century.

  34. Great… more twists will happen now… will Vedanayagi use Mahesh to revenge.?

  35. Anonymous

    Mairu drama

  36. Anonymous

    What a twist
    Made me cry


    NO right minded human,I mean real human with brains given by GOd would do such a drastic Rubbish at a wedding ceremony ever in thoughts or dreams. Nalla had shit n urined in his vesti,dats why he cant sit too long. Mahesh had a reason to do but d interferences of Silamba DOGgy Oldman turnedover. Here I appreciate Alaghu, d ever chronic-mouthed doubty has passed his certs to Nalla, d maddy Aanjineer clan. Vetha Nayee is happy to bless to see d palace GO OFF into her dynasty with all 4 seematis go strip-naked n run after Vetha Nayee begging, dats d dream we all will see in d next epic OR just leave us alone in wilderness n for GODs sake STOP ds serial as it has STOOPED too Low in culture. Thank GOD, 65 epics were drawn to WASTE for Nalla who is not at all studious or went to school, yet behaves as d most educated ,making all his bros n women DAMN shit eaters of his recipe of SHIT, SHIT ..Director has a good F..Q n sodomised Nalla to its brim tip dts why Nalla cant sit too long.WHO IS NEXT for d Director to handle pr Fondle his wits upon d most illiterate family in Indian history. BULLSHIT

  38. Anonymous

    ipovellan, namba vaichu kalutharukirathu mathiri kaddirathu serial la new normal. including Chthi2

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