Pandavar Illam 11-06-2021 Sun Tv Serial

Paandavar Illam 11-06-2021 | Pandavar Illam 11/06/2021 Sun Tv Serial Online | Watch Pandavar Illam Latest Episode on 11th June 2021 updated at Tamildhool


  1. Ennne ithu mattama serial.katha iillena finish pannida vendiyathuthane.yen ilthu adikurange.


    To be exact, ds saamy, bluffing attempts to cheat poor public in TN is extensively practised n to d viewers, its a boost of how Saamiyars can play doop game. Just wonder whether Director n TEAM are real humans with brains or cowshit liquid brains infested with Dogs Urine to plan, prepare n produce such absurds as time pass or teach how to be village Saamiyars-like to play fraud. Its too silly, childish n NO Sense to see ds actors being used to ddisplay such havoc in serial/s out for cash to betray viewers.


    Based on ds serial n epics used to CHEAT, CREATE n Damage d reputation of SUN TV, its Management n d money-earning actor/actresses, DOES ds type of serials get endorsed by d Censors Board which, I feel are d rightful dept, to curtail, cut off or even BARR d serials from being shown.Abusive situations, Human atrocities, man-made cheating, religous -related situations MUST be d priority of TN State put a big stop. TN Laws on Entertainment should be more STRICTER THAN ds type of IDIOTIC presentations. ARE d authority/s studying d after effects , PLEASE>

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