Roja 23-02-2021 Sun Tv Serial

Roja 23-02-2021 | Roja 23/02/2021 Sun Tv Serial Online | Roja 23-02-21 Tamil Serial online | Watch Roja Latest Episode on 23rd February 2021 updated at Tamildhool.


  1. Before i like this serial. I don’t like anu character.

  2. True.. dragging a lot.. lost interest to watch

  3. Anaconda Anu, vayai moodu.Nee than Ella’s pirachaniyikum karanam.Dirty anaconda anu.

  4. Oxymoron serial full of crap storyline, Shenbagam is still trying to find her way to Roja’s house meanwhile create a rift between brothers and break the family apart all with the blessing and green light from old coot to bloody Anu. Why each character is such a lame duck characters, wimpy cry baby Roja ever ready with gallons of tears, full of air and action talk from so call action king lawyer, just an empty vessel making noise, emotional bumbling fool of a mil and her spineless husband who only makes some noise “heh, heh that’s all he can do, cannot stand up to his mother for his wife children and daughter in law., big mouth old coots daughter who bullies her husband and hen peck him whic he so rightly deserves. No commonsense younger brother who thinks his sister in law is going to do harm to him, when it’s the serpent Anu, Annapoorni who let loose the venom. Full of c&b story line bs ing audience into believing the good will win instead evil is winning on daily basis for years.

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