Roja 25-11-2020 Sun Tv Serial

Roja 25-11-2020 | Roja 25/11/2020 Sun Tv Serial Online | Roja 25-11-20 Tamil Serial online | Watch Roja Latest Episode on 25th November 2020 updated at Tamildhool.



  1. roja

  2. dzhggfveyt

  3. Very slow boring reactions from Roja. Director must make note of important matters to make the drama interesting. Roja came into the ICU for a specific purpose as advised by the lady at the temple. First she should have tied the blessed string and then she should act normal. A lot of mistakes which the director has to pay attention. Otherwise the story becomes a drab.

  4. it is draging boring finish the serial soon waste of time

  5. a boring repeated history

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