Baakiyalakshmi 08-04-2021 Vijay Tv Serial

Baakiyalakshmi 08-04-2021 | Baakiyalakshmi 08/04/2021 Vijay Tv Serial Online HD | Baakiyalakshmi 08.04.2021 Serial Today Episode Online | Watch Bakyalakshmi Latest Episode on 08th April 2021 updated at Tamildhool


  1. Finally I am so happy they are showing that it is a bad thing to cut school!

  2. Just sent that skinny female like old man (gopi) to jail.

  3. Yenniya do all the mistakes. Why Gopi must angry with Baakiya?
    Very selfish man

  4. Correct

  5. dai paradesi gopi idhiu nyayama iniya panna velaikki bhagya va solren selfish nee dhan loafer idiot

  6. bhakyaa..divorce gobi.. you,ll be happy.. let gobi take care of iniya

  7. Uma Natrajan

    Ezhiel should open the radhika gopi relationship to the family

  8. Anonymous

    Hi, I don’t live in India so I don’t know what a tc means. Can someone care to explain?

  9. Better send this Iniya idiot to girl’s home. Serve her right for doing all these.

  10. Better send idiot iniya to stay in home.bakyka must talk to gopi . Bakkya was stupid but why ellil never angry with gopi.ellil must slap gopi because that gopi do ediot nonsense .now i like the next episode.that bledy iniya must go to hostel.the best way is bakkya must divorse gopi.let gopi take care of his family.before this must know about rathikka and gopi.lets ellil spit on gopi face and rathika face.then only serial will be fun.

  11. Anonymous

    I will request the director to stop this stupid serial as this discriminate against women

    • Anonymous

      It’s insulting women they are showing reality till now in our so called society people blame the mother if their kids do some shit it’s never the dad

  12. Anonymous

    Nonsense scene all housewife fault izit all trying to said tat, as a father Wat he did having connection with other wife…. Tat son know everything but never show… Hate to see tis serial always spoil housewife name bullshit

  13. Anonymous

    Boring Drama… Who said still people doing like this.. everyone changed, if husband behave like this wife is reacting n they don’t live together …. But this is irritating story …. And bad part is , Gopi purposefully destroyed machine setup one is stopping…. Mudiyala …. Not even worth to watch…

  14. Anonymous

    iniya got her hoodwinking, lying and cunningness from gopi because he’s also lying and cheating on bhakiya and nobody knows!

  15. Parenting is the responsibility of both mother and father. As a educated father he should have checked her phone often and even talk to her teachers about her studies often. But now he is blaming on bhagya. Whenever bhagya was strict to iniya gopi would defend iniya. Its all gopi’s mistake. Pls director revea. The truth about gopi and radika. Then where will he keep his face.

  16. so stupid gopi what the hell that bagiya did the one more idiot at there inniyah cant open her mouth and said what happen 💔🤬

  17. I feel what bakya feel right now.. Bcoz i do facing this type of husband…. This kind of man where they will treat wife like a servant. Why we as a wife cannot have our own dream is it.. If u are too care about ur daughter why u didint scold her at all.. Its her fault..although bakyha have strat her own business but she nvr fail to fulfill her duties.. Her eyes is always at her family… 😡
    Come on director pls do not show a women to be treat like this.

  18. Anonymous

    This drama is the best one… blaming wife (mother) is every where happening in different ratio.but still happening as long term habits or traditions….. Iniya character also common in society, they are not bad kids,they curiosity,fun loving and childhood make them confuse….. so, very very good drama…… well done director….

  19. so stupid see tat gopi n his mother n stupid father….blame mother…
    1st wan slap nbeat tat stupid iniya….then her father….waiting moment to destroy ppl self respect
    should slap n kick him….talking n blame other so he can look stupid guy….
    need to gv tight slap for this guy back soon….wan see his dirty thing to all n all should let know hw dirty mind guy he is…

  20. Anonimous

    Stupid Bhakkiya. She should have allowed Ehlil to slap Gopi & reveal his affair with Radhika. Why only a mother should look after the kids. Father too has his share of responsibility.

  21. Anonymous

    Idioct Gopi yr blady daughter is following yr footstep full of lies n roaming around. Stupid Gopi moron!!!! As father what the HELL you are doing STUPID!!!!!

  22. anonymous

    Gopi is trying to deflect the blame to Bhagya to cover his ass, which is on fire , as his bloody conscience knows Iniya inherited his traits. So now blame Bhagya not because he cares for Iniya as he is more interested in his ex girlfriend Radhika and her daughter what’s her name??? He got time to visit. Radhika, play with her daughter but no time to check on Iniya how she is doing in school etc. His ultimate goal is to shut Bhagya’s masala podi business, as she gains more financial freedom she will not need to depend on this idiot anymore for finance or support.

  23. Anonymous

    stupid rama, Director is an old man.Now this genaration is not like packija .First you have to send gopi to jail or out of the house.Elil you have to tell about gopi to the family members.


    Gopi’s role in today’s serial will make all women hate the males to the core.what a selfish man.he just needed a reason to put the blame on his wife.these kind of men should be taught a real drastic and bad lesson.what a sad ending…

  25. Please director for your information don’t portrait this kind of nonsense …That stupid arrogant iniya deserve lot of advice and scold but none..what kind of story telling…

  26. Why ehlil, kept his mouth shut. He lost his perfect chance. Bastet Gobi he goes and scrru around and blame Bagkia . And that stupid lazy ass mother of gobi, what’s see know. What do u guy’s think about women u think u can dominate women? Other days are gone. Now women makes money more than husband. Director are u stupid?

  27. Blaming wife for iniya’s mistake! Why gopi didn’t look after the daughter? Busy with his scandal! Stupid gopi….. this type of man should be punished….

  28. Endha seriual nall illa

  29. Mohamed haq

    Endha seriyal nall illa

  30. How come d blame only to the mother why not blame d father too. Does the responsibility goes to mothers only?
    Director is showing as though only women’s are slaves!!!!!!

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