Pandian Stores & Baakiyalakshmi Mega Sangamam 23-02-2021 Vijay Tv Serial

Pandian Stores & Baakiyalakshmi Mega Sangamam 23-02-2021 | Baakiyalakshmi 23/02/2021 Vijay Tv Serial Online HD | Pandian Stores 23/02/21 Vijay Tv | Baakiyalakshmi 23.02.2021 Serial Today Episode Online | Watch Pandian Stores Latest Episode on 23rd February 2021 updated at Tamildhool


  1. Naagini 5 today episode pls…. upload today episode…I’m waiting here…..

  2. Naagini 5 pls….

  3. Lots of time is wasted dragging especially everyone being mesmerised seeing Muruganandam @ Mullai’s father who is also Sathyamoorthy’s mother’s brother and Ramamoorthy @Gopinath’s father who is also cousin to Sathyamoorthy’s mother under one roof. Plus emotional conversations between Bhagyalakshmi and PS bros and their wives.
    PS bros are suspicious of Gopi’s behaviour and seeing him joyfully walking with Radhika, not knowing Radhika is the land owners daughter they are dealing with who also happens to be friend’s of Bhagyalakshmi.

    It will be a great Big Bang of Pongal when 3 culprits ( Gopi, Radhika and Janardhan) somehow or rather find their way to attend the pongal celebration at PS house. Waiting to see if Gopi’s thandavalam vandavalam will be revealed in PS house. It will be awesome seeing Gopi moothoo vangeraning from his father, son, daughter, PS bros & wives, his Aunty and uncle plus from Radhika too. Please script writer incorporate this in this mahasangamam before it ends to manather vangeran Gopiyer in front of everyone as he deserve this punishment for two timing his wife of 25 years whom he bore 3 children and now he is also a father in law.

    What role model is he to his children? No doubt his father ruined his life by marrying him to someone he doesn’t love or share common interest, but why bear 3 kids wouldn’t 1 kid be sufficient just to shut the mouths of his parents and in laws??? yet he was in a loveless marriage and fathered 3 kids. Meeting his long lost love Radhika who is about to become divorcee has led him to stray away from his marriage.

  4. Why Oh God , why all these serials are full of mama , mappilai, Machan. !! Please bear in mind we are in the 21st century. We must move with the times ya. Husband , mama- , brother in law mama , – , , father in law mama. Absolutely no originality , we seem to be intheKR Vijaya days. Hehe we have not moved forward at all. What is wrong if one calls the husband by name, friends by name , etc.
    Actually these things will not attract youngsters. Pls make series with the times.
    Unless you are only catering for old people .
    Remember the west has sent mission to Mars ! Tamil serials are still stuck in a pit of old fashion ways of the sixties and seventies.

  5. wonderful family play Keep it up.

  6. Good family drama. Relationships are very important in one’s life. After living outside the country for 20+ years, this story is really pleasant to watch. Just luv PS set. Never been to a village.

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