Barathi Kannamma & Raja Rani Mega Sangamam 01-04-2021 Vijay Tv Serial

Barathi Kannamma & Raja Rani Mega Sangamam 01-04-2021 | Barathi Kannamma & Raja Rani Mega Sangamam 01/04/2021 Vijay Tv Serial Online HD | Bharathi Kannamma 01/04/21 Vijay Tv | Raja Rani 01.04.2021 Serial Today Episode Online | Watch Barathi Kannamma & Raja Rani Mega Sangamam Latest Episode on 1st April 2021 updated at Tamildhool


  1. alya manssa not acting naturally or cameraman shoot from wrong angle

    • Jeyanthi Balakrishnan

      Exactly.her acting looks fake 🤥

      • Anonymous

        Why everytime giving Chance to venba doing dirty revenge on Kannamma? Can you do something reverse acting like venba caught by board members of competition due to her bad attitude on Kannamma.

  2. John de Souza

    Why Kannama must give in n let sandhya to win. This serial is bout Kannama so I think Kannama should win.

  3. Anonymous


  4. Yes making fool kannama must win hayaaa I don’t like raja rani

  5. Nice

  6. Anonymous

    bharathi reaction so iratating.. i think venpa is a gd actress.. good acting test all overacting alya done a gd job

  7. Anonymous

    Iam not wathching this megasangamam because of venba and parvathy

  8. I like this kannama n raja rani. I love both serial. Good luck bharathi kannama serial and raja rani serial.

  9. Venba was doing nuisance acts towards kannama,but how come her revenge can take place at even at the competition… isn’t that making viewers stupid.y do they have to drag these both dramas ? There’s no content.its sick to see venba,parvathy role.theres a limitation for everything.not to this extend.barathi role too is so annoying.director sir u can loose yr viewers interest in watching these kind of silly n unlogic dramas.

  10. Did anyone notice that konja naala anjali oda mummy ku scene eh illa.. so anjali thirunthuta hurayyy hip hip hipeeee

  11. Kannamma really stupid bastard why give sandhya to win last competition game.Kannamma always talk like hero but really bastard but not respect you mother in law

  12. Anonymous

    What kind of bullshit story is this, how can these two bitches can give the sleeping meds in the juice. So stupid like other serial.

  13. first of all without speaking all rubbish about this tele drama just dont watch it if you dont like…. There is no one forcing you all, and the fact there are people who watch this for your info. Neither Alia is fake in her acting though or the story plot is bad or any other acters acting are fake or overreacting. you people stop watching this and go do your daily work. the actors have nothing to do with what you people are talking just go contact the directors coz they tell these people to act accordingly. the so much hate you’ll spread for Venba shows her victory in her acting as a villain. that’s what Venba is gaining rather loosing. Eventhough you people just say that these dramas are loosing viewers there are still people who watch this. For a fact Kannama has nothing to win becoz she already has less problems other than this Bharathi, but sandhya has many to face when she returns back home so she is suppose to win. And Kannamma is not gonna gain anything by winning this becoz anyways she will never be convinced to return to Soundharyas place. And Sandhya faced many problems such as all the issues she faced while participating in the competition. Yourll cant just blabber about the storyplot without being far enough.

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