Barathi Kannamma & Raja Rani Mega Sangamam 05-04-2021 Vijay Tv Serial

Barathi Kannamma & Raja Rani Mega Sangamam 05-04-2021 | Barathi Kannamma & Raja Rani Mega Sangamam 05/04/2021 Vijay Tv Serial Online HD | Bharathi Kannamma 05/04/21 Vijay Tv | Raja Rani 05.04.2021 Serial Today Episode Online | Watch Barathi Kannamma & Raja Rani Mega Sangamam Latest Episode on 5th April 2021 updated at Tamildhool


  1. We want colors tamil vanthathu neeya serial plz upload it ..

  2. Another joke serial by the stupid director. Sivagami looks like a real bitch in Raja Rani. Why Raja Rani got so many Tha, Parvathy is young but another upcoming true young bitch. Followed by two guys Bas!!!. Wonder why all serials must have negativity. Director if you can’t take serial with more family value with traditional culture with no negativity then carry on taking serials or else please FO from the media industries. You are just wasting our time and subscription money for the channel.

  3. Why kanna still doesn’t know that barathi and Venba is not married?

  4. Another negative serial.

    • This is so stupid! I can’t tolerate the ego of Sivakami. 😠😠 this is beyond disguisting. No relative will not celebrate such a succes. This is such a bullshit drama

  5. Take good and positive thinking serial.

  6. Very very stupid

  7. Very very stupid

  8. Anonymous

    Nowadays all the serials are negative more than positive. Really bad. Directors please changed your serials in positive vibrations

  9. Anonymous

    What kind of stupid women this Sivagami is. Daughter has the same character at this age. Director pls change the story before all mother in laws learn the bad habits fr Sivagami n torture their daughter in laws like what she’s doing.

  10. Anonymous

    This raja rani drama giving ideas to mother in law and sister in law to be more evil only. And sandhya why is is acting so innocent. Getting pissed of to see evil mother and evil daughter.

  11. Anonymous

    The director oru kamnathi.. Parvathi oru kandara oli , sivakami oru pitha sirukki.. Venpa Teh O kannama oru muuttal piece , santhiya oru Naara Munde. Chai Enna karmom pudicha drama da ithu.. Raja Rani Total waste. Kannama Out.

  12. Useles mamiyar

  13. Anonymous

    Very stupid this both serial

  14. Such an idiot serial. Change Sandyha’s character. Irritating to see her false expressions. The MIL attitude n character is not potraying a good manner of a woman. Why most of the women are given such characters?Positive serial pls.
    If the directors have to better story, stop it. It reflects your image as a person.

  15. Anonymous

    Director is try to make changes in stories but day by day it’s very boring ,nothing gonna happen any big changes in these stupid storie .stupid DIRECTOR

    • Sandhya is a educated but foolish. Lost interest in watching this drama.
      Really stupid…making others stupid too.


    I like vijaytv

  17. Anonymous

    The mom-in-law character in Raja Rani is weirdly annoying, but in the hindi serial, it was not annoying. Changes are made but it is getting very boring. Alya’s expressions are also a bit too much and seems a bit unreal. Siddhu’s character is natural and good.

  18. Gosh I feel I wasted my time following this series , getting more negative and stupidity follows . Can’t Indian drama have more interesting plots ? Not gonna watch anymore . 0/10

  19. ilove this but everyone calls me madass

  20. it is a good serial dont talk rubbish

  21. please don”t add so many negative characters in a serials, it effect our emotions and life, just one is enough to run the story

  22. Anonymous

    This sivagami talking shit as though she achieved higher in life, moron lady she herself one useless motherinlaw , what respect she demanding , hate her face omgg , so much negativity in raja rani , that sister in law should be embrassed for what she did , stupid director change storyline please.

  23. Anonymous

    Good drama

  24. We can’t blame the artists, it’s the director who is to be blamed. Sandhya’s acting is a bit fake. A normal person when triggered will get angry. I think in the long run people might stop watching bthis irritating drama.

  25. Anonymous

    Nalla ve ella…karumo..

  26. Anonymous

    There you go the restart of stupidity of raja rani…sivagami bitch back again…nonsense started again …well done

  27. Stupid serial

  28. Rookmony Ganes

    What kind of MIL is this?Doesn’t she realize that she has daughters too. If you treat another child badly the same will come back to your own children.

  29. Such a nasty mother in law. And her whole family is stupid, they couldn’t handle that Shanthia is brilliant. Pls, find a good director to write a proper story. He is so stupid. Wasting people’s time.

  30. karthiyani devi a/p baskaran

    yes, you are watching rubbish. Nobody is talking rubbish.

  31. Sivagami is very stupid… What the stupid serial Raja Rani.. Make tension a very day…. Santhiya act like very soft person to mamiyar….
    Santhiya please show ur power to ur mamiyar Sivagami… Stupid mamiyar… 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  32. Singa Penn

    No women should tolerate a mother in law who treats her badly.
    Patience doesn’t pay in every situation.
    Sometimes we need to stand up for ourselves.
    Guess, that’s the lesson I learnt from Raja Rani!
    “You only live once”

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