Barathi Kannamma & Raja Rani Mega Sangamam 09-06-2021 Vijay Tv Serial

Barathi Kannamma & Raja Rani Mega Sangamam 09-06-2021 | Barathi Kannamma & Raja Rani Mega Sangamam 09/06/2021 Vijay Tv Serial Online HD | Bharathi Kannamma 09/06/21 Vijay Tv | Raja Rani 09.06.2021 Serial Today Episode Online | Watch Barathi Kannamma & Raja Rani Mega Sangamam Latest Episode on 09th June 2021 updated at Tamildhool


  1. Venba ku Seekkirame oru mudivu kattunge paa…

  2. Vasuhi Gnanasergaram

    I know the director is trying very hard to get BK fans like me who are not fans of the RR show to watch it. Sorry to say he is not able to convince me to do so. I always skip the parts of RR and only watch if both families are together. Sometimes even that I will skip a little. THE SHOW WLD BE MORE INTERESTING IF BHARATHI STARTS DOUBTING VISHAM VENBA BIT BY BIT. OTHERWISE OUR DIRECTOR HAS CREATED ONE OF THE DUMBEST HEROES OF ALL TIME. Nothing against Arun who is a good actor and I am a fan of his.

    • Anonymous

      No one cares LOL they are not even trying to get people to like serials. They combined it cause it did good last time so why not again. Doesn’t mean you have to like any of the serials. Either watch or leave no one gives a damn shit about what you think, funniest comment I read today

  3. Hi team, just for my curiosity, why cant somebody revealed venba’s behaviour to barathi? Kannama, akil, anjali or Soundarya. they knew so much abt her. For the past 8 years, dont tell me the soundarya did not have any chance to take DNA test for Hema & Barathi and show it to her stupid son barathi. whereas venba came and took it in few minutes? not making sense, right? .. So highly educated and rich ppl like them, take years to do that??? and please stop the sangamam story with RR cos we are not RR fans. so boring. and why showing Dr Barathi like an idiotic doctor? Venba is smarter then Barathi… Director sit, ellorum kaduuppaaaa aagarangga, pls finish venba’s part and end the BK serial. and direct another nice serial… At this pandemic, we dont want to sit home and watch this type of serial… On behalf of Malaysian, please do something abt BK and stop Sangamam drama. thank you so much.

    • Anonymous

      Well said kudos to you. But the shit hole director needs to make money and cheat viewers by creating unwanted episodes so that next year he can be the best director again and also if he reveals the truth, he has to end the serial. And he can’t make money.

  4. Hema Malini

    Hmhmhmhm yyy this bharathi anna still do like this plz don’t trust venba aka and agilan anna do something because nw u only at that place to help….hmhmhm this raja rani paravathi sis I really hate u because everyday busybody hmhmh

  5. paavom anjali aluvara

  6. Anonymous

    Even if 1000 episode u will see venba trying to kill kannamma and bharathi with his same attitude and we are like stupid people keep on watching 😂😂😂

  7. Anonymous

    Deiii….are u are crazy?…bharathi…why u trust venba very much??….akhilan …pls show that tablet to baharathi…venba and bharathi angry faces are iritating🤢😑🤮

  8. Anonymous

    Venba is poison…anjali ye cry panna vachitayya diiiiiiiii😤😤😤😡😡😡

  9. Anonymous

    enna eppidi needditthu pora

  10. Anonymous

    Well said kudos to you. But the shit hole director needs to make money and cheat viewers by creating unwanted episodes so that next year he can be the best director again and also if he reveals the truth, he has to end the serial. And he can’t make money.

  11. Anonymous

    Dai Poo Shit Hole brain Praveen Bennett, why you are featuring such negatively in the serial. Your brain cannot work properly, is it? Get yourself admitted to a Mental Hospital and get treatment fast before you are being raped by a male gorilla.
    It really disgraces seeing this serial. If you need to make money, make it in a proper way, not with such negativity featuring a very wrong signal to the viewers.
    Lady is pregnant and a doctor who is craving for a juicy C!!!, cannot get it and trying to poison the pregnant woman with the wrong medicine. Why your Fu!! the shit brain is working in such away.
    You are a real filthy dirty man, wonder what source of family background you come from.
    I wonder why Vijay TV is allowing you to feature such a filthy serial.

  12. Anonymous

    Poo Face Venba why are you acting so cheap and downgrading yourself as a real good bitch.
    Why your actual got no P!!! is it that you are trying for a new C!!!, FU bitch.
    Venba, do not feature yourself as a doctor and spoil the reputation of other doctors. If you want, you can feature yourself as a number one “T”.

  13. May the director wants to drag the BK serial to 3 thousand episodes. Now itself the serial so boring espit’s so very boring. I get furious watching Venba, Barathi and Santhanam. As for Raja Rani I just fast forward Sandya and Saravanan part as it is boring too.

  14. Naa sugar patient paaa , Ennaleh mudiyeleh

  15. Anonymous

    Both serial director is same

  16. Raja Rani hero heroin role make us more stupid.
    Venba assistant Shanti face like Septic tank…………

  17. Sandhya and Saravanan are soooo boringgg. This sangamam is not interesting.

  18. Very very bad story

  19. Athi Letchemy

    வெக்கங்கெட்ட வென்பா,பன்னியவிட கேவலமான பிறவி.

  20. tamildholl apps what happened y always buffering and need to see start show

  21. cannot see properly once buffering need to see that show start

  22. Arrvam ullavan

    Director tambi oru sembi ava appadithan padam eduppan talaivithi venbava mudincha pudichi kuttungga directoru saaar saambarani panni

  23. This show is an insult to medical profession. Bharathi is he suppose to be a doctor or a sweeper in the hospital. Director ,you must be a moron with no knowledge of medicine. A cardiologist who takes the word of a bitchy creature without rechecking. please dont test the intelligence of the viewers.

  24. Anonymous

    Verbal act is irritating

  25. Nagen Raja

    Must take class with this director how to spoil good family into piceses

  26. Anonymous

    The viewers are the most idiots including me. We should blame ourselves for seeing this nonsense keep on continuing. This is becoming the Vijay TVs worst serial but they are celebrating this as the best. How foolish we are.

  27. I have been watching BK from Sri Lanka. Whatever I do, I abandon it and rush to my TV to watch this serial, come 9pm every day. I wholeheartedly endorse the views of other viewers that the Director is not doing justice to the medical profession. One cannot expect a cardiologist to be such an eternal doubter of Kannammah given the consistency of her denials of infidelity manifesting itself in a virtuous life she is portrayed to be leading in the serial. By now the artifice and jugglery of Venba must have been exposed and we should have been relieved of this unnecessarily long web this Director is weaving much to our annoyance. It is high time infidelity and misdemeanor of Venba are brought to light sooner and B, K and the kids must be reunited in a happy and jubilant climax. Only then Mr.Director you will do justice to long suffering fans like us.

  28. This story is making every body crazy why are draging the story i hate venba and her maid she is also acting to much this director is how to spoil agood family shit please stop all this nonse

  29. Ennapa nadakuthu????? Everything Venba doing is so irritating… and how Barathi react is making me so angry.. Enna oru muttal Dr evan? appadi thonuthu pa!!! Venba enna sonnalum barathi nambuvaram but he wont trust a bit when his own brother, parents and specially his wife say to him… enna logic pa ithu? Barathi knew no one like venba and why in the hell he kept bringing venba into the family? Does this Dr respect his family? Director Sir!! Director Sir!!!! konjam logic uh serial eduthu mudinggapa… On behalf of Malaysia BK fans pls finish venba and end the story la….. thank u so much

  30. Even if 1000 episode u will see venba trying to kill kannamma and bharathi with his same attitude and we are like stupid people keep on watching 😂😂😂

  31. Bharathir really stupid Doctor 🤣🤣🤣 stupid drama

  32. Anonymous

    Today episode ?

  33. Banuhshree

    Venba Irritating.director please make Bharathi comes to know a bit by bit about venba without her knowledge

  34. Anonymous

    OMG director when u going to make the serial end with vemba drama

  35. Anonymous

    Aiyoo with this stupid drama now add one more stupid drama RR… HOW LONG BRATHI WILL BE ACTING LIKE STUPID… DERICTOR MAKE audience also stupid

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