Barathi Kannamma & Raja Rani Mega Sangamam 31-03-2021 Vijay Tv Serial

Barathi Kannamma & Raja Rani Mega Sangamam 31-03-2021 | Barathi Kannamma & Raja Rani Mega Sangamam 31/03/2021 Vijay Tv Serial Online HD | Bharathi Kannamma 31/03/21 Vijay Tv | Raja Rani 31.03.2021 Serial Today Episode Online | Watch Barathi Kannamma & Raja Rani Mega Sangamam Latest Episode on 31st March 2021 updated at Tamildhool


  1. Such a waste of time watching this drama lately. If the Director has no idea how to bring along the story he should just stop doing this bullshit drama.

  2. Well said. What is wrong with Barathy. If he does not like to be there, he should take his stupid so called good friend Venba & get back to Chennai. I get annoyed seeing him making faces, no behaving like a educated doctor. May be the director is like that 😂

  3. Useless Sandhya. She is not fit for police

  4. I reaaaaally haye Parvathy so much. Her face looks like a lizard which is dying.

  5. Hate Parvathy

  6. Parvathy thewathayin pehru aanaal pannarhu attuluyam chee. 👿. Barathi2 yeppohyaa nee maarapora🙄😵

  7. Parvathi umana munji 🤣. See ur face very irratting. Over attiued stupid

  8. i think this story will go on forever ……issshhhh so irritate to watch barathi face n venpa and also the new villain 😑🤦‍♀️

  9. The only reason people are watching this two dumb dramas is that we want to see how venba and parvathy will be caught. But looks like the director will make this dumb dramas go on forever. Such stupidity , such drama and bullshit. Alya manasa is the worst actress ever. This girl sandya can never be a police. She’s not even close to be a police. Always crying like a baby . If she is really smart then right now she would’ve caught parvathy but she’s just sobbing. Stupid woman !! I watch this drama coz I’m only a fan of Roshini. She’s so pretty but she deserves better than this stupid plot. This director writes stories like a child I guess. This is not the Bharathi kannama we all once used to love. Shame on this stupid director. Go to hell! !

  10. Very meaningful episode. Message clear. Gender based violence-be it physical or verbal abuse. Well brought out. How many of our girl children suffer at the hands of spoilt brats. Showing disrespect to our daughters. And Sarvana in great Rajinikanth style to the rescue and ably assisted by Barathi. Nice well done ! And Venba Barathi not like you. He totally was against your poisonous actions. You Venba are getting closer to your doom. This competition is an excellent idea. Look at the quality time spent. Barathi and Lakshmi, Lakshmi and Hema, Soundaraya and Kanamma, Akhil and Anjali……and so on. And finally Sandhya and Sarvana getting closer. Sweet romance. B and K though strained still facing each other – at times unspeakable silent reaction like the last fight scene. Keep it coming BK.

  11. Eeramana rojave please😐😐

  12. Director plse do something…. Alot vilans… Both dramas… Or we allll I mean raja rani2 and barathi kannamma stop watch it…. 200% confirm…. One topic u taking 2-3 weeks…. We the ppl are started to hate both serials….. We all will change channel…. To sun t.v or colors… U making us too boriiiiiiing to watch it

  13. Nice serial I only don’t like bharathi and vemba together

  14. Resolution hd 1080p want sir

  15. Super serial

  16. Please ippo பரதிகண்ணம்மா பாக்கவே பிடிக்கல

  17. pls indha peograme a quick a mudinga sir searial a pakave pudikala endha interemst tum ilama iriki thani thaniyave kadhaya poduga baradhi kannamada searial a kondupoga

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  19. Anonymous

    anne kanammaaaaaaaa engine azhagu anne …….

  20. Anonymous

    I hate Venba

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