Pandian Stores 06-04-2021 Vijay Tv Serial

Pandian Stores 06-04-2021 | Pandian Stores 06/04/2021 Vijay Tv | Pandian Stores 06.04.2021 Serial Today Episode Online | Watch Pandian Stores Latest Episode on 6th April 2021 updated at Tamildhool


  1. This mullai really irritating sometimes. Over reacting

  2. anonymous

    Stupid kootoo kudumbam, no personal space and privacy, forever someone like Meena or Dhanam or that old lady mother in law mookoo noliayaraning into everyones personal space and life. This is the reason koothoo kudumbam is a disaster, this serial portrays it very well.

    Pity Mullai and Kathir struggling to study without telling to their horrendous family as they are bunch of nosey parkers and nay sayers. Selfish family. Why that idiot Dhanam being bloody nosey Parker, she needs a maid, but Mullai is her maid, as she cannot vellai vanguran Meena lazy bum.
    Old bloody lady cannot do anything but mouth is big as the San Francisco bridge. Why old lady stopping Meena,? she cannot send her son Jeeva so what’s the problem Meena going to her father’s shop to assists? Meena should have taken Kayal and left with her mother, that would have “mookoo odaikiran” the old lady and Dhanam.

    Eg. No one can buy anything and walk into that PS house without being interrogated. No one can sit in their own room and have a personal me time without having to clock in to the mini United Nation meeting hall everyday. No one can eat anytime they are hungry but have to wait for all the men of the house to be served and fed hand and foot only then the ladies can have their meals. Not a single men in the house will lift a finger to help their spouse with housework as it is classified and deemed as women’s duty and job albeit a thankless and unpaid job.

    This serial can only be watched at minimum 1.5x speed as it is moving slower than Galapagos tortoise.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  3. Intha mullai paaksvey pudikala😏😏

  4. Anonymous

    Kavija doing very very good….. I wondered about some people’s comments!?!?! Tooooooomuch…… sowing hate on Kavija not a result of love on sitra! Ok

  5. exactly, this serial too much negativity and stupidity. they think all of them brother and sister? they’re husband and wife. old lady never respect anyone, but she will expect everyone to do everything for her and complain about everything.

    meena lazy or not second issue, her fathers shop she will go, old lady expect meena’s father must give the shop to her sons, and her sons must only be a son not a husband. at least meena’s father didn’t raise his daughter to be thief, like that muttal kanna. old lady is so proud of her useless sons

    totally stupid worthless unrealistic storyline with stupid message to the public

    extended family only problem, stay in your own house and give your parents money months visit on weekend, if not like this only nonsense daily problem, no peace at all in the house from the moment wake up .

  6. Anonymous

    Dhanam character such a control freak hate both moorthy and dhanam character they never let any one come up in life using their love as excuse to control the whole family idiot brothers. Kannan another irritating person.
    The director is such a idiot

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