Raja Rani 08-04-2021 Vijay Tv Serial

Raja Rani 08-04-2021 | Raja Rani Season 2 08/04/2021 Vijay Tv Serial Online HD | Raja Rani Season 2 08/04/21 Vijay Tv | Watch Raja Rani Latest Episode on 08th April 2021 updated at Tamildhool


  1. Anonymous

    Parvathy saniyaan.. stupid.. lady

  2. Anonymous

    No brain parvathy

  3. I wish this stupid girl parvathy get cote with her boyfriend. And this nasty mother in law should take training how to be nice with daughter in law. If all the mother in law’s treat her daughter in low as their own daughter , problems never have in family.

  4. This comment is for for the writer
    Why you put down women in general

    Goby is hell man. He is an evil.
    Priya are you a woman or man in real life. I can portray you as a man. And your thoughts of woman in society is so low. You have to change your thinking procedure of a Woman in the technology world. Why Indian writers are putting woman so low. I am watching all your stories like RajaRani, Barathan Kannamma , Packyalakshimi and so on. I am so angry about your thought process of a woman in the society.

    I do not want to watch your serials.

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