BB Jodigal 02-05-2021 Vijay Tv Show

BB Jodigal 02-05-2021 Vijay Tv Show | BB Jodigal 02/05/2021 Vijay Tv Show | BB Jodigal 2nd May 2021 Vijay Tv Show | BB Jodigal Latest Episode watch online at Tamildhool



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  2. I am really missing mugen Tao so much please came back quickly my dear sweetheart mugen baby seriously I am really missing mugen so much

  3. Anonymous

    dey u the one useless da shit

  4. Anonymous

    Im wondering India is suffering lack of oxygen but vijay tv still have time to plan such a program for TRP

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      you still have time to watch vijay tv show here and comment for what?

    • Anonymous

      They do the show is for their survival.. u still watch the show rite … not sit at home and meditate rite fk.. u stay at home u watch tv rite or u jus meditate.. talk like an uneducated fk

    • Anonymous

      Lack of oxygen?? Wtf u talking ? They are actors they need to do shows to make money for their living.. are u gg to sponser their living till the pandemic is over?? Use some brains of yours if u have… lives have to go on .. shows have to go on but with social awareness taken into consideration

    • Anonymous

      so why are you going to work and get money when India is suffering lack of oxygen ?? are you a monster ? you don’t have any pity for the people who are dying ? damn …. You are a moron!

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  6. Anonymous

    Why is this only half show ? Where is part 2 ?

  7. Anonymous



  9. Mugen Rao

    Useless show. Time waste

  10. Anonymous

    Gd start.. y don’t telecast their full intro today?? Continue next wk?? Is the show gg to be jus on sundays or on Saturday as well? Hope is on both days.. don’t drag half of the episode to the next wk.. telecast is on the same weekend

  11. Anonymous

    Grand launch why split episode… shouldn’t use be full show .. pls don’t split .. show it over both sat n sun.. don’t drag half of the epi to the next wk..

  12. Anonymous

    my heartest request in any situation happens pls don’t bring Archana into this show !!!!!!

  13. Anonymous

    My heartiest request please don’t bring Archana Chandhoke in this show !!!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous


  15. Can’t be CWC but nice show. Really impressed by Balaji and Nisha performance.

  16. Anonymous

    jfw awards 2021 podunga

  17. Anonymous

    I tot balaji n Nisha will jus do something comedy and end but they proved all wrong by dancing also ..nice performance

    Gaby and aajeeth rocking performance

  18. Host ah change panna show innum nalla irukum.. rakshan and Jacklin or manimegalai podalam

  19. Vijay tv please change the host rendu perum momma podranga…

  20. Ma KA pa priyanka konjam neram vandhalum sema fun sema entertainment host comparing ah epudi pananum da..

  21. Anonymous

    Pls change the host put rakshan and manimegalai

  22. Anonymous

    good luck from Gemini Ganesan’s fans club

  23. Anonymous

    to whoever says this is a boring show, then dont watch. stick with your other shows. things have to go on, new shows will come. the choice is on us to watch or not. dont spread hatred saying this is a bad show with bad people or whatever. before saying someone else reflect yourself, are you good enough?

  24. Anonymous

    It’s very cringe, all these mokka pieces in every show

  25. Anonymous

    i love july

  26. Anonymous

    i support july

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