Bigg Boss Tamil 10-01-2021 Vijay Tv Show

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 | Episode 99 | Day 98

Bigg Boss Tamil 10-01-2021 | Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 10/01/2021 Vijay Tv Show Online | Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 10-01-21 Vijay TV Show online | Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 10.01.21 Today Episode Online | Watch Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Latest Episode on 10th January 2021 updated at Tamildhool.

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  1. vijay tv mamapasanga vetthu vettu shivani kattra varaikkum kamichuttu thookittanunga

  2. Shivani should not have gone today. She is a amazing child, I am very happy to see her qualities, behavior, attitude, and confident. There are dirty behaved women (example GABRELLA) , she should have gone instead.

    • vaishnavi is feces

      You’re wrong Vaishnavi. You seem quite jealous of Gaby. Gaby is the best female contestant by far, unlike jealous Ramya or horny Shivani. Shivani is a whore, horny for Bala, so she supported him no matter what the whole season. It was disgusting. Bala has rape charges against him on the outside – if it weren’t for the cameras, 100% he would’ve violently raped Shivani. In India, most rape cases are not even filed with the police because of the shame. Thoo on Bala for being such a disgusting criminal. He also slept with many men to get the Mr. India title. Both Shivani and Bala are disgusting, along with jealous and back-biting Ramya. If you support such people, then really shame on you and your disgusting character. Your mother must be thinking she should have killed you as a baby.

      • Im not supporting anyone but as a girl, dont you think its wrong to call a girl a whore? seriously? shes just 19 and immature. She probably not aware of her mistakes. But we adults cant just judge our fellow gender.

    • Absolutely… Gabi has attitude

  3. Unlucky ajith

    My favorite bala

  4. Unlucky ajith

    My favorite bala your so sweet I like you all the best for all bigg boss condescend

  5. Bjk க்கு support பண்ணுர இந்த குத்தாடிக்கு எந்த தகுதியும் இல்லை caller ரை கூத்தாடிதான் செட்டப் பண்ணியது போன்றே இருக்கிறது

  6. Bjk க்கு support பண்ணுர இந்த குத்தாடிக்கு எந்த தகுதியும் இல்லை caller ரை கூத்தாடிதான் செட்டப் பண்ணியது போன்றே இருக்கிறது

  7. Anitha and Sanam are the true deserving two individual players in the Bigg Boss house season 4. They played all tasks well and fought for their rights. For all international viewers Anitha and Sanam are the true winners of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4. None of the others who played in groups and pairs deserve to win.

  8. rioramyahaters

    Bala or Aari is good to take the title but others are groupism and Ramya is envy lady … she acts a lot carrying lots or ego’s. Her characteristics is kind of self boasting …Now she understands that she will be not a winner for sure… next to that is Rio. he also play ugly by grouping the other 2 jokers…

    • You can’t mention Bala and Aari in the same breath. Bala is a violent criminal, with a rape allegations, plus he slept with so many men to win Mr. India. If the cameras were not there, Bala would be raping and physically attacking people. Rumors are that Bala kissed Aajeedh in the spot where cameras are not there.

      Everyone in the house is against Aari, including the awful Bala and Ramya. Aari seems to be playing fair and despite being shouted at by everyone, and being physically threatened by Bala, plus being so disgusting accused by a cheating whore like Ramya, Aari is still holding his own in a great way. So I’m sorry but there’s only one clear winner and that is Aari.

      You can vote for whoever you want – it makes no different. The support for Aari bro is too much. He’s winning no matter what and this is justice.

  9. ஆங்கில வருடபிறப்பு வாழ்த்து சொன்ன துறைக்கு தமிழ் வருடபிறப்பு வாழ்த்து சொல்ல முடியலயோ?

  10. Aari is not fit to be a winner.Most of the games he lost.Must give others the chance.
    He only win with his mouth.

    • 10000% correct

    • Bala the rape artist

      So people who do stupid shit well like catch balls or other silly nursery school tasks should be the title winner? The person who speaks truth to power, who cares about justice and doing the right thing, that person should not win? Phuck off. Go suck Bala’s dong if you’re so in love with him.

      • Mind ur words u dirty idiot( Bala the rape.) This a game show u cant win with ur mouth only u need to play task win sm task.
        I am not bala supporter too.
        Rio Ramya Som they have put more effort in this game play well never argue or shout never always pin point abt others negatively like Aari.So he is not fit to be a winner.If u have ur opinion goahead n tell no need to say like this v discusting.As a women i feel wanted hit u with my slipper idiot.

  11. ஆரி பாலா இருவருமே சிறந்த விளையாட்டாளர்கள் இருவருமே இரண்டு உருவங்கள்
    சனம் அனிதா இரண்டு சிங்கப்பெண்கள் அவர்களை bigg boss போற்ற வில்லை .

  12. Aari should be able to take title winner of BB4.because not because of games but certain games he plays he won but certain he not the big issue but he is entitled for winner bigg boss seasons 4.bala is not entitled for this season cause he formally was an not like the character real.he now acting cause onli 1 week to and som worse.out this season.ramyahe ego.cant be this title.gaby also no.onli aari can be this title winner of BB4 bigg boss

  13. Aari is winner Bala jest now change aari from before seam so aari is the best

  14. my support aari 50 vote

  15. Hi

  16. Bala is a winner. God bless you and good luck

  17. So funny that people who don’t know each other can be fighting for people who don’t know them at all. All this people do you know personally bala gaby or aari? Are you guys like friends who hang out where they pays your bills? Get a life people stop all this allegations and just watch this as an entertainment don’t waste your time bickering about who is great who is not even if they win home of you going to get any cut from it. You still need to wake up in the morning and work for your own expenses. Just take this as an entertainment and don’t show your ugly sides here. It stinks

  18. I’m missing real character of Shivani, i like your innocent and cuteness, i think she learned lot on her age from leaving the bigg boss, i like you (Shivani) in bigg boss after Oviya, i know your character different from Oviya but in your age, you are best. All other remaining competitors are playing the game not real character except Gapy and sometimes Aari, this is telling from my point of view and i obligated to explain my point of view, that Friends in your life you like your parents, your family members and your friends but except them most of people are like a actor or a actress (he is not related your family or friends) then why you people like him/her because of acting depends of the story of movie, that is going on here in Bigg Boss.

  19. My only favorite AARI Annan

  20. AARI BRO the title winner 🏆🏆

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