Bigg Boss Tamil 12-01-2021 Vijay Tv Show

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 | Episode 101 | Day 100

Bigg Boss Tamil 12-01-2021 | Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 12/01/2021 Vijay Tv Show Online | Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 12-01-21 Vijay TV Show online | Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 12.01.21 Today Episode Online | Watch Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Latest Episode on 12th January 2021 updated at Tamildhool.

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  1. Yeah Aajeedh is back !!!!!!!😍😍🥰

  2. anbu gang and bala are so fake, get out of bb house

    • Do you want to go in side the bigg house?

      • Why does no one realise that Bala is being so FAKE…this is not his real Attitude….he is trying to create sympathy to the public….Rio is acting so childish to Aari Bro…why cant Gaby open her mouth and tell Rio that the problem is settled….even Gaby is also against Aari Bro….what is Rio trying to prove….he is trying to show his colours…just because his Aachu aka is there….Wake up guys

        • Preeththi Vijayakumar

          Why do u even care about the support he gets?

        • Sanam is looking so pretty. Thank you for bringing her back. She’s the best along with Anitha. Deserve to be the winner. Vijay TV blocked her votes and that’s very unfair. Winners of Tamil Bigg Boss Season 4 is SANAM and ANITHA. Best players for international viewers. No one else.

        • Just because you like Ari, you expecting the whole world to like him by you defaming others. You are defaming others to make Ari shine than what is the difference between you and those you have labeled bad. Logic thinking Bala have shown every side of him than how can he be fake? Fake is when you behave like a saint when actually in a fake world you are not. We are not Buddha’s you cannot hide your flaws or be a saint there. Bala was the only person I would say was truly transparent in that house.

          • Your argument is ridiculous. Not sure how you can accept what Bala did as simple flaws. If he had done what he did inside, outside where I live, he would have been arrested. We are not fools to be blindly supporting someone. Some of us were fans of Bala who later started disliking him for his foul play and abusive behavior.

          • The man spoken the truth 💯❤

          • Didn’t u realize or just turning a blocked eyes,he is trying his best intimidate other players by showing his body,rolling his mustache, he dare not argue with Ramya the cunning fox,Gabriel the silent killer,why he scared that it will be embracing to get screwed by this ladies. Ari bro he makes mistakes very seldom but apologized on the spot .I support any one who plays fair and being transparent. All are back stabbers like to talk behind other people’s diki all the time and trying to be staint in a night dress, but Ari bro never ever did that,he opens his mouth when some body questions him or raise the subject.

        • Where is your logic here? How can a person who showed all his flaws become fake? Only when you are cautious of your act to please someone than you are fake. He never did that at all, than how can you terms a person who is being himself fake? He is only person who is transparent in that house.

      • Why yr familly never give anbu everyday angry yr friend girlfriend boyfriend bro sister grandmother archana is very good person loving person i want like this person anbu archana

      • Janna Jeremy d/o Krishnan

        Yes i want to go.

    • Yes Jaya you r absolutely right…so clearly it shows they r fake….Bala is trying to create sympathy…this is not his real Attitude…..

    • Lol, so we live in a world where people can read minds??!!

  3. Gabi so rude to Nisha
    Yesteday she put all the flour on Nisha head …
    Rio beat her with the pillow
    Both of them so rude .

  4. anbu gang is super

    • Archana is atrocious lady and awful… tried to score for no reason … bad behavior I don’t like her attitude from the show itself

  5. rio is super
    aari is so isolated find fault in others always how can a person be like this

    • Rio is the worst u fall for artificial love… sry to hear … u need to wske up …why to be a gang


        Artificial love?? hahah you can read minds now huh? If i use your logic, i can simply judge and claim you are a sadist and you have never experienced or given love to anyone. You have only shown hate.

    • No this guy Rio is artificial it’s not his real attitude. He was envy on people so he planned to have gang. Archana is worst among all and Rio was a spoiled man.. even Bala is fine compared to Rio this guy pin slowly … haha im not sadist and this is a game show still thd behavior is so clear ..he shout when Som leave the thread mean that one of them should go

  6. bala super

    • He is a true person in and out. His honesty flows from being true from within, you have to be true to yourself to be real. He showed every side of him.

  7. anonymous 1

    Ari,sanam,rekaha how matured they are no jumping like monkeys for no reasons. absolutely no comedy whatsoever. Fake love gang is irritating. Come back sorry face samyuktha with ramya is spoiling the show.
    Charming Sanam should have been in finale in stead of Gaby.
    It was not because of joy the love gang was jumping like monkeys. It is that the feedback from old in mates, they have realized that they made stupid of themselves out side. Ajith as cute as dol,

  8. Worst players in this season:
    1- Archana – very dangerous always try to steal and score even after elimination
    2- Rio – worst player with lot of hidden ego and don’t like someone getting good response. Form gang and act too much
    3 – Ramya – another worst player with lot of head weight and ego.. she tried to showcase by opposing Aari backfired bcos she voluntarily try to make him look bad … egoistic lady
    4 – Bala – he’s ok among the top 3 but grouped people to promote himself and wasted the season just to be against Aari
    5 – Som – He’s find above all but small hitch being provoked by Rio

    Rio’s artificial love getting vomiting sense truely … don’t overact Rio …

    • Aari u are the best.u see ,aari already said in eyes contact ok that mean the answer to gabry.but h Rio have to mention that aari bro didn’t said or tell the answer??because Rio didn’t consenttrat on his own answer.
      2ndly,aari bro looks very calm and cool looking.every one here my side even lawyers, doctors are supporting aari bro in this season 4 because he is the legend of true and honest.hope the bigg boss titles for all seasons was goes to aari bro.tq sanam you was supporting aari look goesoue.
      Fake gang was back and all was acting on side them to protect them self to winner virus all are fake and X longer.

  9. hahaha, Ari is being fake and acting like he is the best by sweeping and being a saint, this is just all for the camera. I don’t understand how can you say Bala is fake when he has shown all his emotion in every way possible (being good or bad).
    The others all have camera conscious I believe. If Ari is already perfect and famous, then why he is here? The only contestant who is being isolated is just because of him and his mouth. I dint support anbu geng, but without them BB will not have so much of fun. Ari is famous thanks to BB geng and Bala who made him to be the saint. Ari was good in using and provoking bala for is own use, but claming he is doing that to improve Bala hahaha – what a joke.
    Anyway good for him as he will be winning

  10. தமிழன்

    The lovely doll Shivani has evicted from BIGBOSS house. It really brings emptiness to the HOUSE. Soft natured and very gentle attitude ANGEL has accepted her exit with a smiling face.
    Though she has not won the BB TITLE final, she has won the heart of the TAMIL viewer already.
    BIGBOSS showed a very straight forward scare to HER is appreciable. BIGBOSS would have done some prejudice to save her, but he has evicted HER accurate at a balanced scale at the right time and the best time as she has shown few WINNING notes. BIGBOSS we request you to invite SHIVANI and her MOM to the BB-4 finale day ceremony.
    The ANGEL SHIVANI One of the BEST contestants in the BIGBOSS 4 season. Thank you BIGBOSS for brought such a good personality to this session.
    As soon as the Balaji entry to the finale is announced Mr. India cried out loudly was heart-piercing. Really you have carved his character very nicely and made real HERO in him. HE would be and should be grateful to you all along with his life.
    Ticket to the finale to RIO RAJ, RAMYA, and GABI is balanced and we would understand that SHIVANI has tried her best at the later days was not sound enough to persuade her early days very meek stay in the house.
    BIGBOSS please arrange some beauty/ body regenerate massage/grooming services for the FINALE contestants as they are a bit dull and tired.
    Now the FINALE candidates are worthy and balanced, still, I do not understand the mix-ups of the TICKET to the FINALE games and the scoreboard. May be an interesting and gentle masquerade and persuasion way of eviction to the exiting contestant and reducing the vote gap among the finale contestant and to bring the wining confidence to them.

    My FINALE line up is 1. BALAJI, 2. AARI, 3. RIO, 4. RAMYA, 5. SOMU, 6. GABI.

    People may prefer AARI, but my vote is to BALAJI for his best transformation.

    Now the entire OLD gang inside the house and moment is very delightful, happy vibration and celebration mood all around.Bit worried about the ARCHANA FOX MAY swindle and downcast the finalists and depict the personality. The WOLF I do not want to see such a personality in my life and even in VIJAY TV shows.

    Rekha madam brought some sympathy feeling moments about her father, a thistle in her heart should have vanished out by her emotional confession. First of all, we should appreciate her for her precipitation at this age and also accept the ground reality. One of the genuine people should have stayed long days in BIGBOSS house and should have brought a lot of positive vibes in the house.

    One of the discomfort activity is EMBRACING very tightly (EVERY ONE DOES IT gently). But if you. Notice RIO Raj EMBRACE, No one tolerate his “KATTIPUDI ACTIVITY”. A straight forwards Question to RIO, would he accept his WIFE SURUTHI embraces all other MALE contestants in BIGBOSS house? ‘BIGBOSS pLEASE do not arrange an embracing activity or TASK to persuade this HUGGING activity. Everybody’s activity will be evident for their good virtue.
    So far so good. Aari leading in VOTING followed by BALA. Don’t be surprised if favoritism played to RIO, GABI to crown the TITLE.
    However, My vote to BALA, Aari then RIO.

    Expecting a good PONGAL celebration, that is TAMILS harvest festival may bring good health and all wealth to all and as well to the VIJAY TV conglomerations.

    Thank you BIGBOSS AND TEAM for About 100 Hrs valuable entertainment, that is too on COVID-19 time.

    Gratitude my DOMINUS! BIGBOSS!

  11. சிவ ராவணன்

    Everyone in the house embraces very genuinely like a handshake. But theBRUT RIO Raj eb=mbraces like a womanizer. No one can tolerate his “KATTIPUDI ACTIVITY”.

    A straight forwards Question to RIO, would he accept his WIFE SURUTHI embraces all other MALE contestants in BIGBOSS house? ‘BIGBOSS pLEASE do not arrange an embracing activity or TASK to persuade this HUGGING activity.


    Archana is a wrong selection of BIGBOSS, wrong ethics, and haughty female, who understand women’s empowerment wrongly. the spoils the VIJAY TV reputation.

  13. Why let stupid archana to come to bb n the whole situation has changed now

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