Bigg Boss Tamil 13-01-2021 Vijay Tv Show

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 | Episode 102 | Day 101

Bigg Boss Tamil 13-01-2021 | Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 13/01/2021 Vijay Tv Show Online | Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 13-01-21 Vijay TV Show online | Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 13.01.21 Today Episode Online | Watch Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Latest Episode on 13th January 2021 updated at Tamildhool.

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  1. No video from Saudi arabia

    • Bala true
      Aari fack

    • Hi bro mahalingam I’m chandran go to tamilthool

    • Prabha is a woman's name

      I hate Anitha Sampath so much. After all that happened, after the disgusting way she got into a rage just because Aari mentioned her husband’s name (with zero malicious context) and despite the fact that Anitha herself has said “Prabha” 10,000 times in the show, this lady still refuses to REALLY apologize for what she did. Even Bala did not go into the belligerent rage that Anitha went into. Plus it was disgusting to see Anitha lie on Archana like Archana is a bed or something. It happened in front of all us through the hundreds of cameras in the house, so how the hell is that a private moment (which is what Anitha claimed)?

      Most of all, if her father just died and she is SUPPOSEDLY in a state of mourning, then what the hell is she doing back on Bigg Boss? Is her need for attention and TRP so high that she will ignore her own father’s death? This is not the platform to come to if her father just died. Most normal, self-respecting, people would never do this.

      People – keep telling Anitha and her husband, the womanly Prabha, what we think of them on all their Youtube videos, Facebook content, Twitter, Insta, etc. I don’t ever want to see Anitha on the TV again.

  2. Behind aari 1000 supporters irunthalum i am proud to be the only 1 supporter behind bala.

    Aari is waste….Sanam and bala fight pannathalathen aari nalavan maathiri veliya vanthan…Bala,sanam and anitha illana…aari onnume kitta and other chinna pasangalakku advise pannikitu vanthiruppan…aariyoda 100 days kaga vote podatha kanmoodi supporters sa yethirka all other contestants supporters kindly vote the childish hard angry but true BALA

      • Oruthathar maddum nallavaram maththavanka ellarum keytavankalam ethu jajamada aari nalla maththavankala kovapadutheje maththavankala thalththi peseje maththavankala kura solleje maththavanka emotions thunde vedde 101day vantha mamanithar valthukkal aari unkaludaja actingkku

      • Putttu kuddy

        Oruthathar maddum nallavaram maththavanka ellarum keytavankalam ethu jajamada aari nalla maththavankala kovapadutheje maththavankala thalththi peseje maththavankala kura solleje maththavanka emotions thunde vedde 101day vantha mamanithar valthukkal aari unkaludaja actingkku

    • Bala is a human waste

  3. Bala winer
    Good Bala

  4. Aari venumnde Bala kite Sandé pudichi
    Balala ve ketavana kamichi aari nalavan aavitan

    Ellarum game play panradu wrong
    Aari vilayadrathu sarindu aari nenechi kitu irukan
    Aari very very fack

    Title winer balaji murugadas

    • Even to Gaby, he mentioned couple of times you are unfit for this game. Aari, what he thinks of himself? she is co-contestant she is fit or unfit people should decide. How bad this could reflect her confidence. which father would stay still when he saw his little daughter after months irrelevant to any task. He later want to mention that he played “Nermai” game. This game show is not only task its about your up’s and down’s, emotions, happiness, sportsmanship, adjusting towards other people from different backgrounds? most of the time he keeps monitoring people, listening to what others are talking? oh god very calculative showing the flower pot to the camera, he should have taken care of it the first time itself being said he did some Guinness Record and all blaw blaw, he did not have time to take care of one given plant. Only after Kamal Sir mentioned he payed attention to it.
      Even during the balloon task he was finding hard to carry shortly after so he started to look out at others like Gabi, Som that your hand is bending and so on, Parupu matter he could have put himself in fridge or mentioned to them directly instead of telling like a school kid , i mean there was no need to make such a big issue.
      Two ladies are talking personally within themself(Archana and Anitha) good or bad listening that itself is very cheap moreover telling that openly to housemates is very very bad and he is justifying that statement. Even though how Anitha spoke was not good, but Aari touched her wrong nerve.

      No man is perfect, everyone has flaws, instead of only finding mistakes he could have been happy spread some happiness, positivity.
      I don’t mind anybody being the winner except Aari,

      I hate this person mainly because he keeps behaving only he’s Mr. Perfect and no one else is. All have come to play like him. Aari “LIVE and LET LIVE”

  5. bala best

  6. Snake Samyuktha back and talking behind Aari’s back. No maturity whatsoever! Aari is the title winner without a doubt.

    • Aari u are truly legend.because certain ppl hate u because u are really true among all seasons.welldone aari
      Rio was acting like crying, talking like innocent person all we noe bout u is same like Bala wasted.x want can challenge to aari cause he is the winner of BB4.aari all the best bro

      • Aari is always 100% true about contestants because he always voice out where mistake happen and he ask sorry whenever he did mistake…he never talk bad about others even he talk good and postively about bala….

      • Orru naleven ah iruntha elarukum kasakhum nu comment vaasikum polluthe terighirithe

  7. Somberi Bala

    Bala oru somberi waste fellow

  8. Jotaro Kujo

    Rio mass

  9. Hi I am Tony from Switzerland. from last Sunday to up now I am trying to make missed calls, but I am unable to make it. Please take action for this for Vijay Tv community members and the Bigg Boss community. Thanks. Tony.

  10. முத்து

    ஆரி ஒரு நல்ல நடிகன் பாலா அவர்போல் இல்லை! பாலாவின் கோபத்தில் நியாயம் இருக்கு.! பாலாதான் வெல்லுவார்..>>👍🙌

  11. Vigneshwary

    பாலா இல்லனா இந்த சீசன் பார்க்கவே புடிக்காது.ஒரு அழகான அன்பான மனசு.கோபம் சும்மா வரல. நல்லா இருந்த பாலாவ கோபத்த தூண்டி இப்ப பாலா சரி இல்லயா. டைட்டில் கிடைத்தாலும் கிடைக்களனாலும் எப்பவும் வின்னர் பாலாதான்.

  12. Aari supporters are not haters of Bala… I support Aari for his maturity… if Aari wouldn’t be here Bala would not had a chance now to get the good changes he is going across… Bala is honest and I also admired it.

  13. Some idiots are blindly supporting Bala. I think they are just as brainless as Bala. Anyone can win the title but Bala shouldn’t. He is a foul player.

  14. Aari the mass

  15. V well said Anonymous abt Aari he is a fox not fit to be a winner.

  16. first antha balava ozhunga morning elunthurikka sollunga.. apram mathatha paesalam. he is such a arrogant fellow. unga pasanga ippadi behave pannina appreciate pannuveengala. Bala aetho colour ah irukurathala aellorum thooki vachi kondaduranga. ithe munnadi season bharani mathiri irundha, appovae pengalai kevala padurar nu solli anupirupeenga. innum uzhagam azhaga than mathikuthu. inga thiramaisalikum, nermaiya irupavanukum enga mariyathai. such a irritating fellow bala. avana pathi mattum kaekka vaendiyathuthana, aethuku aari ooda status eppudi irukunu therinjukanum. avan complete physco. Atleast naermai ya irukar. ama cup addikuravanuku thaguthi iruka vaenama. Aaari is a true winner.ithunga ellam poramailae saaguthunga. onnu groupism. archana vum nisha vum thuni thuvaikanum na somu , ramesh veetla poi thovaika vaendiyathu thana. aethuku big boss veetuku vandhu velakari aaguthunga. ivangalukku lam ivanga vaelaiyae seiyya mudiyala, ithula ivangalukku big boss title vaera. Bala first love track ooti paathan, apram sandai kozhi aanan. avanuku aethuvumae set agala. aari ta poi unga ponnuna ippadi paesuveengala nu kaettan. first avan thanachi ippadi nadanthukitta ivan parthutu irupana. makkalae konjamavathu thirunthunga.. aari title vaangida kudathunu bala suicide attempt try pannalum pannuvan. yaruku theriyum. poruthirundhu papoam.

  17. V well said Anonymous abt Aari he is a fox not fit to be a winner.
    He always have to talk everyone’s Negative first.

  18. i think bala and his family eat shit. He is not from good family and the nature shows he is camelon. For money he will eat shit or show his ass to be a gay

  19. Aari💐💐💐💞💞💞❤❤❤

  20. Aari bro is winner 🏆🏆
    Aari bro is unmayana manythar
    Bala is marathyanavar ,
    Aari bro is real hero🙏🙏

  21. I had the chance to some of the notes. Mostly all talking about Ari and Bala. I find Ramya is second to anyone. She is always true and always people surrounded her. Always positive energy. Let her have the cup. Please support her

  22. Bala and aari are tie. The duo would be sharing the bb4 title. rio& gabi envy.

  23. I agree with Anathan. keeping emotions under control is not an easy. she never loose her temper. but she talks whenever needed. you don’t need to fight or scream for everything like Aari did. I don’t’ know why people are calling her visha bottle. most of the contestants brought their family issue. Ramya also lost her father at yourng age, but never brought that to public. never complain her family members (uncle or sithapa) to get sympathy, but she overcome. keep smiling. Its an amazing personality. its all started with Mr Kamal. in 1st or 2nd week he stamped her name as Pediatrician, from that moment people slowly started to call her all these bad names. I agreed with Aari at this point. once he mentioned that if someone pick a reason to nominate for boring person, the following contestants also copying the same reason. its true. Also I think calling people with names will hurt their feelings, they are also people. They have family. it will hurt them too. we can point out what is right or wrong at our point of view, they can take it or ignore, but calling name is not right. some emotionally matured people can take it easy. but not everyone. definitely will affect their rest of the life. Its just a game show.

  24. Gabi Sister . you are crying from your heart. so cute

  25. omg….Aari is so fake…ippokode backbiting panran..kadupa irukku paa…aduthvangale thappa pesarathu valakama irruku

  26. I’m supporting Bala

  27. rio is the title winner

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