Bigg Boss Tamil Unseen Day 100 Vijay Tv Show

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Unseen 12-01-2021 | Day 100

Bigg Boss Tamil Unseen Day 100 Vijay Tv Show| Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 12/01/2021 Vijay Tv Show Online | Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Unseen Day 100 Vijay TV Show online | Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Day 100 Today Episode Unseen Online | Watch Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Latest Episode on 12 January 2021 updated at Tamildhool.






  1. I don’t know why people blindly support Aari what he doing 100days in bigg boss?
    First assume people
    2nd no sportsmanship at all
    3rd always pin point people and make them down until they can’t concentrate on the game.
    4th always finding fault of Balaji only.
    5th cannot get along with others
    6th yetho record holder but can’t win any task.
    7th before you bring down Balaji you don’t know it affect his mark uh? Y in last minutes you know uh?you also can’t play and never let Balaji to play.
    But how come people supporting you.
    Nowadays I don’t like this words cos of Aari and Aari fans…Nermai and Aari.
    Nermai nermai nu solluringe ninnu vilaiyadenum aduthevanai mattam tatti kurai solli vilaiyadurathu nermai illai.purincha seri.appe Aari fans yellam aduthevanai korai solli mattam tatti thaan vaalurange pole..
    Be genuine to support people…
    Bala illati Aari Aari nu katte mudiyathu..

    • very true

    • Balaji Casting Couch Slept with Men

      Poi sollu rascal. What is this blind support? Kanna thorundu support panrom. You’re a paid shill, probably BalaJEE’s gay lover, that’s why you’re posting all this nonsense. Let me tackle your lies (all of them which you wrote in terrible English, which reflects your level of education):
      1. Aari doesn’t make assumptions, he makes judgments based on people’s behavior. If you behave well, like Sanam, he’s on your side.
      2. Aari shows the most sportsmanship. Sportsmanship odu aratham theriyuma?? Even in the last rope task, Aari let go of the rope because he acknowledged that he removed one of his hands at one point. He always plays fair and doesn’t care about winning. That is sportsmanship. Balaji only cares about winning, even if it means cheating or physically hurting/violating other people. That is called being evil, not sportsmanship.
      3. If people are doing the wrong thing, then it is the duty of Bigg Boss contestants to point it out. You think this show is a vacation for the contestants? It’s a bloody gameshow. Only Aari does this task properly – the other contestants are too lazy and incompetent to do this.
      4. Aari has had fights with almost all contestants. Are their fans saying Aari is only finding fault with their favorite contestant? Stop whining, BalaJEE is just another idiot in a house with quite a few idiots.
      5. Doesn’t get along with others? Did BalaJEE get along with Sanam or Anitha? Did he get along with Archana when they had the big fight? Did he get along with Vel Murugan when he shouted at him? Stop talking nonsense. Getting along with everyone is not the mark of a good character – doing the right thing is what matters. If you got along with Hitler, I’d say you are evil, not a good person.
      6. He is a record holder for social justice initiatives. This is outside your understanding.
      7. You’ve written such nonsense here, I don’t even know what you’re trying to say. Please continue sucking your gay lover BalaJEE.

      Aari is nermai. BalaJEE is kakkoos. Deal with it.

    • Yaruppa nee loosu mathiri pesuraa … koothadi kombal ulla vandhapothey theriyum Anbu maiyurunu … very awful.. and Rio always try to act smart but he was awful too .. he just think Black sherp might help him in the final … very worst character along with Archana and Ramya the hidden evil

    • You prove it that you blindly watched BB 👎🏼

    • well said. very true

  2. Very very true about Aari only blame game! does not mingle nor sportive not sure y so many people like him

    • RamyaFamily

      Bala during batch snatch spare Sivani and Ramya … instead he went to Aari that’s fine … when he put a block with the chair Sivani was bery near he didn’t go for and Ramya … not saying Aari is best but comparatively rest are very worst by joining hands and they couldn’t take when Aari wax been praised by their own fam members ..

    • Bala real herro
      Aari very very fack

  3. Balaji Murugadoss ♥️

  4. Bala very good player

    Aari aduthavangade koreiye soli soli ellatheum kevale paduthurei

    Bala than bigbos4 winer

  5. my support aari 50 vote

  6. What ever you mentioned about Aari that’s mean you do the same! They playing game this is just a game show to prove their ability in many ways.I think some of you never notice someone’s fault when they really do in your real life! Aari is straightforward person & he prove himself in many way! 100 tappu senjavan oru nallathu senjithu kappu vanguna sarinu soldre neenge athey 100 nallathu senjithu 1 tappu senja kappu jeike mudiayatha enna?! Mariyathei appo2 tharanun solli varathu ille! Unarthu varanum! Self confidence illana beg thukithu kalambanum! Ipapdi ellarkithaium nalla play pannagalanu keka vendiyathu avasiyam illai! Most of them condemn Aari but he still surviving there bcs he respect everyone! I wish anyone can be the winner! Just wait for the results! *Don’t simply judge people! Because we’re still not perfect!

  7. yes very very true.. dont know how enjoy life.

  8. SOM is far far better thn Aari n Bala .. he is so genuine loving soul ❤❤ and the way of handling situation damm good ..luv for Som NCR ends , Aari n Bala game oly blaming eachother or someone else.

    • SOM is a flaming homo who touched aajeedh inappropriately. Kevalama irukku.

      • தமிழன்

        Somu exposed a few GAY ACTIVITY.
        Rio is a womanizer and his hugging style evident.
        The derogatory RIO embraces the female contestant very tightly,
        would RIO RAJ take it friendly if his wife SURUTHY HUG another male contestant in the BIGBOSS-4?

      • SANAM and ANITHA are true winners of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4. They played the best in this house. No one else deserve to win.

    • He’s hslf boiled don’t have own mind and always stay in gang nest. He need to grow up … still spoil brat

  9. சிவ ராவணன்

    RIO RAJ EMBRACE ACTIVITY. கட்டிப்புடி. A derogatory to RIO.

    Everyone in the house embraces very genuinely like a handshake. But theBRUT RIO Raj eb=mbraces like a womanizer. No one can tolerate his “KATTIPUDI ACTIVITY”.

    A straight forwards Question to RIO, would he accept his WIFE SURUTHI embraces all other MALE contestants in BIGBOSS house? ‘BIGBOSS pLEASE do not arrange an embracing activity or TASK to persuade this HUGGING activity

  10. தமிழன்

    The lovely doll Shivani has evicted from BIGBOSS house. It really brings emptiness to the HOUSE. Soft natured and very gentle attitude ANGEL has accepted her exit with a smiling face.
    Though she has not won the BB TITLE final, she has won the heart of the TAMIL viewer already.
    BIGBOSS showed a very straight forward scare to HER is appreciable. BIGBOSS would have done some prejudice to save her, but he has evicted HER accurate at a balanced scale at the right time and the best time as she has shown few WINNING notes. BIGBOSS we request you to invite SHIVANI and her MOM to the BB-4 finale day ceremony.
    The ANGEL SHIVANI One of the BEST contestants in the BIGBOSS 4 season. Thank you BIGBOSS for brought such a good personality to this session.
    As soon as the Balaji entry to the finale is announced Mr. India cried out loudly was heart-piercing. Really you have carved his character very nicely and made real HERO in him. HE would be and should be grateful to you all along with his life.
    Ticket to the finale to RIO RAJ, RAMYA, and GABI is balanced and we would understand that SHIVANI has tried her best at the later days was not sound enough to persuade her early days very meek stay in the house.
    BIGBOSS please arrange some beauty/ body regenerate massage/grooming services for the FINALE contestants as they are a bit dull and tired.
    Now the FINALE candidates are worthy and balanced, still, I do not understand the mix-ups of the TICKET to the FINALE games and the scoreboard. May be an interesting and gentle masquerade and persuasion way of eviction to the exiting contestant and reducing the vote gap among the finale contestant and to bring the wining confidence to them.

    My FINALE line up is 1. BALAJI, 2. AARI, 3. RIO, 4. RAMYA, 5. SOMU, 6. GABI.

    People may prefer AARI, but my vote is to BALAJI for his best transformation.

    Now the entire OLD gang inside the house and moment is very delightful, happy vibration and celebration mood all around.Bit worried about the ARCHANA FOX MAY swindle and downcast the finalists and depict the personality. The WOLF I do not want to see such a personality in my life and even in VIJAY TV shows.

    Rekha madam brought some sympathy feeling moments about her father, a thistle in her heart should have vanished out by her emotional confession. First of all, we should appreciate her for her precipitation at this age and also accept the ground reality. One of the genuine people should have stayed long days in BIGBOSS house and should have brought a lot of positive vibes in the house.

    One of the discomfort activity is EMBRACING very tightly (EVERY ONE DOES IT gently). But if you. Notice RIO Raj EMBRACE, No one tolerate his “KATTIPUDI ACTIVITY”. A straight forwards Question to RIO, would he accept his WIFE SURUTHI embraces all other MALE contestants in BIGBOSS house? ‘BIGBOSS pLEASE do not arrange an embracing activity or TASK to persuade this HUGGING activity. Everybody’s activity will be evident for their good virtue.
    So far so good. Aari leading in VOTING followed by BALA. Don’t be surprised if favoritism played to RIO, GABI to crown the TITLE.
    However, My vote to BALA, Aari then RIO.

    Expecting a good PONGAL celebration, that is TAMILS harvest festival may bring good health and all wealth to all and as well to the VIJAY TV conglomerations.

    Thank you BIGBOSS AND TEAM for About 100 Hrs valuable entertainment, that is too on COVID-19 time.

    Gratitude my DOMINUS! BIGBOSS!

  11. தமிழன்

    The derogatory RIO embraces the female contestant very tightly, would RIO RAJ take it friendly if his wife SURUTHY HUG another male contestant in the BIGBOSS-4?

  12. Aari he is the winner

  13. Neenga enna sonnalum aari ku tha enga support
    Balagi is only finding fault with aari and also trying to make fight with him
    Aari is a very genuine player
    What ever it is aari fans no need to explain this to these people

  14. 10,000 % true

  15. Tamilan don’t talk like this , avar rio mind la appadi eduvum Ila unga paarvadaan thappa irukku.

  16. Oruthan amaithiyaa pona gay ya silly mindset daan ungalukku irukku.

  17. thiruvarankesan

    Aari is the winner

  18. Aari is waste….Sanam and bala fight pannathalathen aari nalavan maathiri veliya vanthan…Bala,sanam and anitha illana…aari onnume kitta and other chinna pasangalakku advise pannikitu vanthiruppan…aariyoda 100 days kaga vote podatha kanmoodi supporters sa yethirka all other contestants supporters kindly vote the childish hard angry but true BALA

  19. I can’t believe some people can’t see the truth or accept sound judgements
    All comments above goes on to show those who don’t support Aari are mostly illiterate .
    Aari is a rational human being
    Those who cannot understand his judgments don’t like him .
    He is too smart for others
    Aari you are awesome

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