Bigg Boss Tamil Unseen Day 101 Vijay Tv Show

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Unseen 13-01-2021 | Day 101

Bigg Boss Tamil Unseen Day 101 Vijay Tv Show| Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 13/01/2021 Vijay Tv Show Online | Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Unseen Day 101 Vijay TV Show online | Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Day 101 Today Episode Unseen Online | Watch Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Latest Episode on 13 January 2021 updated at Tamildhool.




  1. my support aari 50 vote

  2. Hate Anitha

    I hate Anitha Sampath so much. After all that happened, after the disgusting way she got into a rage just because Aari mentioned her husband’s name (with zero malicious context) and despite the fact that Anitha herself has said “Prabha” 10,000 times in the show, this lady still refuses to REALLY apologize for what she did. Even Bala did not go into the belligerent rage that Anitha went into. Plus it was disgusting to see Anitha lie on Archana like Archana is a bed or something. It happened in front of all us through the hundreds of cameras in the house, so how the hell is that a private moment (which is what Anitha claimed)?

    Most of all, if her father just died and she is SUPPOSEDLY in a state of mourning, then what the hell is she doing back on Bigg Boss? Is her need for attention and TRP so high that she will ignore her own father’s death? This is not the platform to come to if her father just died. Most normal, self-respecting, people would never do this.

    People – keep telling Anitha and her husband, the womanly Prabha, what we think of them on all their Youtube videos, Facebook content, Twitter, Insta, etc. I don’t ever want to see Anitha on the TV again.

    • With love, xo

      Wow, so much hatred!

      You cannot dictate how someone should grieve or mourn. ‘Most normal, self-respecting people’ would understand this and not judge.

      You are actually encouraging harassment and bullying all because you do not want to see someone on the TV again? I really hope your despicable speech is just for the internet (though still not okay) and not something you practice in real life!

  3. Cunning வேல்முருகன், who is முதலை you mention!!

  4. My support 50 votes for rio bro ,

  5. அடேய் ற்றுட்டு கபோதிங்களா, விளையாட போனீங்களா இல்ல குடும்பம் நடத்த போனீங்களாடா? அதுவும் இல்லாமா ஆரியை மட்டும் target பண்ணி நீங்க செஞ்சதை எல்லாம் நாங்க பார்த்துட்டோம்டா. இப்போ வந்து சும்மா நடிக்காதிங்கட போங்காட்டக்காரனுங்களா.

  6. aari poison p****mavan

  7. Shivani & Suresh varamaattaangalaa

  8. Why they in ajeedh again wasted contestant only follow girl tail is he play game or follow girl espeecially gaby , samyuktha and ramya is he pombale porriki for starting till wild his duty is same wat the damn hell he do in bb4.. did audience notice different between balaji and ajeedh .balaji more better than ajeedh ..balaji only follow shivani and well play game as well.but ajeedh game is only with gaby, ramya and samyuktha is tis his duty in bb…shameless ajeedh ….

  9. Ajeedh wasted entry just to grab gaby ,samyuktha and ramya is tis call bb game .from beginning only follow girl tail …throw tis useless ajeedh ..really wasted contestant.. balaji so much better even he realise his mistake but ajeedh even eliminate and re entry through wild card but still he do same job ..same as snehan …

  10. My vote to aari bro 50

  11. My vote is only for Aari!!!!

  12. I want shivani to come I miss her face very cute plays come today shivu such a sweetheart for age

  13. Miss you shivani come

  14. My vote for Aari

  15. Bigg boss why U send them again into the house ?specially rekha,vel,sanam…useless character…now they acting after watch the show

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