Bigg Boss Tamil Unseen Day 99 Vijay Tv Show

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Unseen 11-01-2021 | Day 99

Bigg Boss Tamil Unseen Day 99 Vijay Tv Show| Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 11/01/2021 Vijay Tv Show Online | Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Unseen Day 99 Vijay TV Show online | Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Day 99 Today Episode Unseen Online | Watch Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Latest Episode on 11 January 2021 updated at Tamildhool.





  1. Anbu gang

  2. Bala poramaila vendhu sethuruvaan pole

    • Don’t thing that way. thing positively ,they all want to know what is going on outside of the bigg house that is all including Aari.

  3. Bala good player

  4. Bigg boss fan

    Aari is the real winner!

  5. Turning point for Bala, for his life

  6. Bala is good player

  7. anbu gang ok. but we don’t The fake love Archana.

  8. Bala you are a chameleon. You were just acting infront of Kamal. If you truly resented your actions you wouldnt be validating your action asking old contestants.Thirunthatha janmam!

  9. Archana πŸ€₯

  10. Aari thaan ninaitha payanai vendruvitoam ngur pumithamum nisha kitta pesurapppa poiyaana nadippum romba kevalama velicham potu therithu , jitthan 100% correct ta sonnaaru nalla pillaya killi vittu tu koothu paarthavar daan intha kullanari Aari, no comments simply waste , very very irritating irritating person of bb4.

    • Yes you are right, only very few people who notice accurately could understand. He was close to Anitha but spoke after she left to Ramya, before that he spoke bad about Ramya to Anitha and Bala. About Rio and others to Ramya. where ever he sits he talks bad about someone or the other. It was so nice to watch last season finalist Dharshan, Mugen, Sandy, sherin and losliya they took game sportive rest there was lot of fun moments. This man always tell Nermai but even when he lost in captaincy task he told that he gave up for Rio Really Aari??? who fought with Bala and Sam for helping her win Captaincy would give up himself. Yes, Jithu bro true judgement about Aari

    • 100% agreed whatever u said about Aari. still wonder how the people supporting to Aari, Fake and jealousy.

  11. Velangadha poramai pudicha anbu gang anbu entra varthaiyai asinga paduthiya group

  12. Bala stop saying everyone likes you and stop trying to get sympathy votes, it’s disgusting

  13. Bala is d dirtiest actor. Apologising n praising Aari on d face. But at d back, stabbing Aari. Bala still carrying baggages. Still in fear of losing d title to Aari. Whareva may happen Aaris Is d winner.

  14. Baala ean act panraai kamal sir munnadiii

  15. Aari mass bro. Nenga thaan title winner

  16. Archana paakka pei pisaasu pootham kalantha pola ituku KUNDU KIdaaaram

  17. Bala stop saying everyone likes you and stop trying to get sympathy votes, it’s disgusting
    Ramesh stop talking bad about Aari, you’re just ruining your name

  18. muniamma uk

    rio looking at your face i truly felt so discusted.plz don’t act innocent. get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.anbu group plz f**** off

    • Actually people like you are disgusting even worse…..we are just watching 1hour only from the entire show…so don’t simply judge anyone….πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•

  19. Poraamaila ellaarum vendhu pongada

  20. Bala start to Act for vote Again

  21. Bala is winner
    My fav Bala

  22. Bala is winner
    My fav Bala
    Bala is good player

  23. Aari fack
    Bala good

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