Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai | Cooking with Vijay Tv Stars | 02-05-2021 Vijay Tv Show

Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai | Cooking with Vijay Tv Stars | 02-05-2021 Vijay Tv Show | Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai 02/05/2021 Vijay Tv Show | Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai Season 3 2nd May 2021 Vijay Tv Show | Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai Latest Episode watch online at Tamildhool



  1. Anonymous

    Vera level

  2. Anonymous

    outstanding & super

  3. Deepa akka vera leval

  4. Dharmadurai


  5. Anonymous


  6. Anonymous

    Deepa Akka super … entertainer and show stealer.. the person that lit this show on fire.. gd luck

  7. Anonymous

    Gd start to this show.. Deepa Akka vera lvl

  8. Anonymous

    i wish vegetables were placed on a table.

  9. Anonymous

    Remove archana

  10. Anonymous

    the female anchor annoying…dislike when she talks like shouting

  11. Anonymous

    Makapa anna and deepa amma combo spr

  12. கண்ணன்

    தங்கதுரை நீ எல்லாம் ஏன்டா நிகழ்ச்சி வாரே விஜய் டிவி இவனை தூக்க வேண்டும் நிகழ்ச்சி பார்கக முடிய இவனால

  13. Anonymous

    Archana she talks like shouting.. very irritated..

  14. Anonymous

    It’s ok. Bt, no more CWC??😭🥲

  15. Rave ( france )


  16. Anonymous

    After archana’s entry to Vijay tv, don’t see DD!!

    • Anonymous

      Don’t see DD after leg injury not archana entry! Stop being negative guys she went through a lot and have so much experience anchoring! Even people that see Priyanka for the first time might not like her you will see later when you get used to her how good she is! Please respect others and stop criticizing everyone behind your screens!

    • Anonymous

      DD is injured u idiot… she can’t stand long that’s y they don’t start her on any shows except for spl events with combo to other anchors

    • Anonymous

      DD was there for super singer launch and award show.. maybe u were blind .. anyways she’s also injured she can’t long so they dont commit her to any weekly shows.. jus spl shows

  17. Rave ( france )

    Ma Ka Pa ANNA super

  18. Anonymous


  19. Anonymous

    Jobless bas3rds commenting on certain ppl… get a life…if u assholes go to BB .. maybe u will be worst then the existing worst contestants…

  20. How Archana is still working for Vijay TV after BB debacle ? She is so irritating and annoying.

  21. Vijay Fernando

    Not like CWC I miss the all team CWC A to Z

  22. Asha malaysia

    Ma ka pa Anna..we all love you from Malaysia..I like divakar and myna

  23. Asha malaysia

    I miss cook with comali..plz we are awaiting season 3

  24. Anonymous

    honestly don’t hate archana but i think this show would be better with makapa and another co-host like manimegalai, rakshan or priyanka and for those saying if don’t like her don’t watch, anchors make the show more fun and they’re important in making the audience fall for the show. Because of archana most of us don’t fully or enjoy the show to max. If vijay tv could replace her that would be nice.

  25. Anonymous


  26. Anonymous

    makapa anne and priyanka akka combo the best

  27. johney sylvester jeyesilan

    whats the song that Sofia dance?

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