Murattu Singles Manmadhan 04-04-2021 Vijay Tv Show

Murattu Singles Manmadhan 04-04-2021 | Murattu Singles 04/04/2021 Vijay Tv Show Online | Murattu Singles Manmadhan 04-04-21 Vijay TV Show online | Murattu Singles Manmadhan 04.04.21 Today Episode Online | Watch Murattu Singles Latest Episode on 4th April 2021 updated at Tamildhool.


  1. Anonymous

    Thaaa romba over he is also a comedian Nanjil vijayan…😑😑😑

    • Anonymous

      Nanjil bro he is also a good comedian, but he didn’t get good opportunity. today, i hate this show really……… what is this Ma Ka Pa…… Hey all grand old lady(angels),Please don’t treat like this………

  2. Arunachalam

    Pity Nanjil Vijayan…He is one of the legendary comedian in Vijay TV and you guys treating him so bad….PLZ respect

  3. Please respect nanjil…over head weight lady (abi & srinithi)..

  4. Very sad.. wasn’t funny at all.. Didn’t expect this from them..

  5. Very sad.. wasn’t funny at all.. Didn’t expect this from them..

  6. Anonymous

    I hate the way these girls so called angels behaved today.. dont’ even have any sense. Learn how to treat people and then can call yourself as angels

  7. Rely irritated to see this show.. DUN treat people like this.. he is a legendry comedian .. so plz respect himπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» DUN spoil his repetition..

  8. Anonymous

    do you really think you are angels, do not use that position as nonsense respect other humans

  9. Indha vaara nigalchi romba bohoring

  10. I have never failed to watch this show weekly. But this week is the most horrible episode of all. Hey u girls, is this how you’ll treat a fellow artist on national television. Must be ashamed of yourselves. Just imagine how nanjil would have felt. I really pray someday the same humiliation happens to you girls. This isn’t funny at all. Vijay TV please look into this. 😑🀬

  11. pengal panninathu pidikkala veruppa irukku

  12. Murattu single man

    Enna mayi…u angel ivanga. Oru manushana mathika theriyala. Nobody respect him. All girls are very worst. Don’t do like this. Nalla show panra Vijay TV. Intha mathiri ponnungala vachi show panna. Ellorukum kovam than varum 😑😑😑😑😑😑

  13. Anonymous

    hate tis show today..dun knw how to respect senior artist..makapa also treat them like shit..wat the hell..angels are so stupid..

  14. Anonymous

    Wat the hell .. so stupid you all😑😑😑

  15. tajoor saudi arabia

    no respect man of the show

  16. boys u a can get better girl than this.. if this girls became yr life partner “nasama povinge”… n ritu &gabi … u dont act like bitch… how dare u ask him to do like dog n u gobi idiot still do when she ask,, idiot think before u do!!!!!

  17. oru manushan ne kevalam padutithan joke seiyenumma.Nanjil na evlo perfomance senjirukaru chaii
    pls you guys should respect a person he is a human being too.dont you all think look so better than him.he is much much better than you va ya ithulam kaari tuppura maari irukku

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