Start Music 25-04-2021 Vijay Tv Show

Start Music 25-04-2021 Vijay Tv Show | Start Music Season 2 25/04/2021 Vijay Tv Show| Start Music 25th April 2021 Vijay Tv Show | Start Music Latest Episode watch online at Tamildhool



  1. Im first

  2. 2nd

  3. 3rd from Kerala

  4. I’m 4rd Malaysia

  5. Why is Master sooo annoying can’t enjoy the show properly

  6. the master need to be advised. crsaa behaviour in CWC & and here. The show is international. Gives wrong
    connotation about tamil comedy

    • That’s his originality. People love him and enjoy him for who he is and for completely being himself. He himself said it in Bigg boss Telugu that he will never change himself just because someone doesn’t like something about him. And secondly, about being this being an international show, yes it is but majority of the people are Tamil speaking audience and people watch it for this comedy otherwise no one is going to watch. Even CWC is an international show, bigger than start music and master was loved so much oh that show and that’s solely because he’s being himself and people love it and love him like that. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have a career and neither would Vijay tv call him again.

  7. Hema Malini

    My favourite show and I’m big fren of priyanka sis love u sis…I’m from Malaysia

  8. I come here to see only for ashwin .. from M’sia..

    • Premamugesh

      Super show… But that master spoil everything there really very irrate… Next time pls don’t call this type of nonsense all cannot enjoy show probably

  9. Hema Malini

    Hai ,is izt start music cut the scene of fighting master and kani sis….because in prom I see got fighting but today don’t have?

  10. Today episode awesome wera level

  11. Love from kuwait

  12. dai intha scripted game da ithu paarthala pachaya therithu#

  13. intha master enna paitiyamma???

  14. Dheena and pugal and pala vanthathan show massssss

  15. The best Start Music show. Really enjoyed

  16. CWC 2 Great team for start music. what energy Bhatt Sir and Baba master you are a geart sport… you both are veera level…
    Its sad see Shakila mam getting irritated, she is feeling out of place. Rakshan or Sivaangi should have come instead of Shakila maam.

  17. Wow master👏his energy makes the show more interesting..he gives the same expressions whatever it is..even when he didn’t win he was happy in cwc and even in the first 3 rounds in start music..after winning also he’s not showing off.. he’s being himself and very humble.. he’s enjoying himself.. we must learn from him

  18. France 🇫🇷

  19. B.master over acting 2 much h ed is foolish

  20. Anonymous 117

    There is one invisible contestant (SAKILA),could have called Pavitra instead of SAKILA.

  21. Finale episode was rocking… master is a blaster.. Cwc team always rock

  22. I m the last

  23. So much miss cwc team…we always love you

  24. Super show… But that master spoil everything there really very irrate… Next time pls don’t call this type of nonsense all cannot enjoy show probably

  25. ya supper show last day athukku intha lusu BaBa master konduvanthu thidda vaithiddanga intha programil avar ethuvume kandu piddikkavillai anna one lack card than thukkivaithu aduthu parunga unmaieil Lusu Lusu Baba master unnkku entha award kiddaithalum athu aru tharamanathu eillai unnai lusu endu kodduthirukkiranga enpathu than unmai eilladdi oru super showai kedduthiruppiya lusu master poi viddil eirunthu addu athu than sari Archana orupakkam thulaieira eillai endu parthal intha showil vanthu kedduthu muddiyallai CWC unnai lusu endu sonnathu ippa intha showil sariyana Lusu Vijai Tv pakkam varathe Pls

  26. Without master this show is not this much entertainment.
    Master awesome 👌👌👌

  27. Lakshmi Shree

    First time watching start music because of cook with comali team..Love from United States

  28. I really enjoy this episode cz baba master and kani … superrrrrrrrrr…

  29. For those commenting negative on master.. go fk off bitches

    Without him there would have been no content nor energy.. he’s the one that lit this program today.. such a sportive person.. he even supported and congratulated when opponents was winning..

    Tat is mass

  30. I watched star music episode only because For baba Baskar master .. he is amazing and so energetic… really loved the show . Don’t know why so many ppl are complaining about him .

  31. Vera Level twistu 🤣🤣🤣 expect the unexpected thaan ithu Win mattum pannala new record a set panniru kanga 🔥🔥🔥 Team B be like “ yaaru first varathu nu mukkium illa yaaru last illa first varathu nu thaan mukkium. Some viewers are saying master should not be in the show you are wrong he is just vera level his energy and dance super Motha CWC win today

  32. Who ever support master and using bad words, Go and die. Go and support the useless master

  33. madurai karan

    baba master is the only one giving content, shakila waste should have called Rithika again for start music instead of shakila…she could have guessed more songs…madurai muthu anna needs to improve timing comedy…his jokes getting ignored nowdays because too lame…

  34. I miss both of show CWC &start Music season 2

  35. I like this show but this is pakka scripted and well informed to contestants about missing word in the song and which box to choose. Someone is informing shakeela to choose 1L box. We don’t care how they play so no issues. Have a great day

  36. Baba Master always irritates. 😡😡

  37. Ashwin cooku comali

    baba master semma, avaroda style apadi…pidikelena mudide pongada…..

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