Super Singer 02-05-2021 Vijay Tv Show

Super Singer 02-05-2021 Vijay Tv Show | Super Singer Season 8 02/05/2021 Vijay Tv Show | Super Singer 8 2nd May 2021 Vijay Tv Show | Super Singer Latest Episode watch online at Tamildhool



  1. Anonymous

    First one to watch

  2. Anonymous

    Aravinth enga…

  3. Biggest hi to everyone comment at the video.loving episodes today

  4. Anonymous

    I think the judges are not judging the contestants equally because they always give Adithya high scores. I think Balaji sang better than Adithya but I don’t understand Adithya always gets high marks! I vote for Balaji

  5. Anonymous

    Best episode ever

  6. Hema Malini

    Today super

  7. Ramakrishna Rao ....SINGAPORE

    Judges are key to any competition, like wise these program watched by millions around the world, the judges are doing justice and great work , the judgement and the points are awarded individually and collated to justify the performance without prejudice

    Kudos to Judges with a humble thank you.

  8. Ramakrishna Rao ....SINGAPORE

    Missing Virusha….she a also a great dance song performer, hope to see her soon..

  9. Mani and Kiran super dancers awesome great talent.. Admirer of their dance from Maanada Mayilada. they have great style and love to watch them dance…. want to see more of them dancing…. Hatsoff to both of them.. Watching them dance after long time… veera level

  10. Anonymous

    Priyanka over acting
    Ma ka pa superb
    Plese pair anchoring Ma ka pa and Archanana .

  11. Well Wisher

    This is a very difficult time for every one around the world due to COVID 19. Considering India’s high Covid numbers and crisis, we need to think twice for hosting a show like this. I am not criticizing for the sake of criticizing. As a health care professional I need to clarify few things 1. Technically people need to wear their mask when they are indoors and maintaining 2 meter distance (no hugging) 2. singing especially without a mask puts others at risk for COVID 3. participants might be young people and not sick. At the same time you could be carriers of COVID and spreading this deadly virus to elderly and immunocompromised. Lets all be considerate and help each other in this situation. This show maybe a livelihood for many people but if we do not follow the protocol this will take many lives around us. Stay safe and protect our loved ones.

  12. Eliminating system changed.
    We agreed with this.
    Please don’t decide by voting.
    talent must be judge by judges..

  13. Anonymous

    Today episode enga

  14. Anonymous

    Manasi.. voice sema…😍

    Manasikakave super singer 8 pakkurathu.

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