Super Singer 20-02-2021 Vijay Tv Show

Super Singer 20-02-2021 Vijay Tv Show | Super Singer Season 8 20/02/2021 Vijay Tv Show | Super Singer 8 20th February 2021 Vijay Tv Show | Super Singer Latest Episode watch online at Tamildhool


  1. Super singer 8 on 20feb’21 wrong comments and points to Singer Sridhar sena he sang so well and as a viewer we could connect to his way of singing and his song selection suits his voice and he entertains the audience and media viewers so professionally.
    ** Coming to my point of view super singer 8 show on 20feb judge Kalpana made a very wrong comment about sridhar sena singing and gave low points compare to his opponent unsoleful performance.
    Pls forward this comments to the super singer director and producer, dear sir/mdm pls change yr unprofessional and biased judges kalpana & anuradha sriram.

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  3. If you not understand summa unni anu pennil and my lovely heart don’t judge badly about you and your feelings about it Vijay TV good singing song iam watch but not good enough for judging people from the day I am sorry by Ilaiyaraja…… ❤️

  4. Priyanka and ma ka pa is nice compeyar. I like so much

  5. Piriyanga Malala super comedy

  6. One side comments

  7. people who coach should not be judges. Need independant judges.

  8. Not fair that all benny n kalpana team winning.. Even uni not giving good scores for his team.. Looks like uni prefer the other team rather than his own team.. Better have some older judges like Srinivas, mano sir, chitra ma’am n others.. Super singers isn’t fun anymore like before.. Very bias scoring n judging..

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