Super Singer 28-03-2021 Vijay Tv Show

Super Singer 28-03-2021 Vijay Tv Show | Super Singer Season 8 28/03/2021 Vijay Tv Show | Super Singer 8 28th March 2021 Vijay Tv Show | Super Singer Latest Episode watch online at Tamildhool


  1. Source 2 continue podunga Ella videoum

  2. Source 2 continue podunga

  3. Aravind is an excellent singer and the format is just so shitty that good singers like him get eliminated early.

  4. Hari,pakkarathu thirutu video,idhula comment-u vera…. kalakureengo

  5. Mokka shows this week kalpanava thukkunga show la irunthu

  6. Kalpana super

  7. kalpanava thukkunga show la irunthu

  8. muthusirpi where??

  9. Where is Aditya

  10. Remove Kalpana out of show

  11. Kalpana is not fit for this show

  12. Kalpana is nt profesional…she is nt fit to ths show.

  13. Kalpana should be out from the show..she is not like last time…her build up is too much…take her out

  14. Kalpana should be out from the show. Her face reaction and her attitude is like being bias…take her out and replace with someone else…maybe Vijay TV don’t have much option this time

  15. What is this aravinth is soulful singer so don’t loose him

  16. Kalpana is starting to annoying all of us! Very biased and thinks she is above everyone else – giving the least scores to everyone! Vijay TV please change her

  17. Agreed
    Balls super

  18. I am disappointed that Aravind’s effort is not being recognized by these judges. I don’t think Aravind deserves to be in elimination list after performing a superb song. There are other contestants who performed less compared to him

  19. Kalpana’s comment about Tamil pronunciation is wrong and even She brings the legendary SPB for her support. The words, “tholahiRathu, varuhiRathu” are supposed to sound like this. Not tholaigirthu. Porukku Thamizh should not be made proper Thamil.
    Vijay TV should correct this mistake and make sure no more comments like these in the future.
    Ilaiyarajah was imposing the correct pronunciation. Benny shouldn’t second fiddle to Kalpana.
    Please get some expert advice from Thamil scholars and correct.

  20. Remove kalpana madam please ……. a good Singer……today adhithaya and barath also didn’t participate ……it’s a favoration don’t do like this

    • Nitha Naveen

      Compared to “revolutionary bell” aravind is great…I like is sound…Hope he will continue in the show…
      IYANAR you are very very very supeb..You are making great effort and I like it..I always support you…A great talented person….Even “gana” song is also great..
      “Abilash” I can tell he is OK…But not that great…Please bring up talented people ahead… Where is out Bharath???.. Missing his singing

  21. Today content ku priyanka romba try panranga..

  22. remove kalpana out of this show and I feel like no one deserves elimination because adithya and barath didn’t sing. it’s not fair. aravindh is a wonderful contestant

  23. tajoor saudi arabia

    kalpana please veettkku ponga not fit this show vijay tv thayabu seidu kalpanabi thukkunga

  24. tajoor saudi arabia

    thimiru piticha kalpana musik naduwar vendum vijay tv inthe visiythil thappu saidu vitteergal please outof show kalperiyauana mariyadai theriyadu musukkum th

  25. Arvind deserve the best performance of the week

    Shock to know his danger zone place

  26. Wow bala you are another lvl man! true gem of vijay tv!

  27. Two contestant not participating this week. How is make dangerzone. This way not honest.

  28. Why kalpana gave score too low even the singers sing well.
    I think she’s not professional and she’s not fit for super singer. Some more the good talent singer was hide because of her. Please terminate her and replace swetha MDM.

  29. Please upload the Konjam Isai Konjam Galatta

  30. Kalpana Koothi Marks la personally support pannural…

  31. Anonymous

    Kalpanava Thookunga

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